Alexandra M

Insurance is a liability. We, as humans, need a liability for the mistakes we make in life. Whether it be life insurance, car insurance, health insurance, agriculture insurance, or homeowners insurance we all need something to fall back on if hard times come knocking on our door. You never know what happens next and being prepared for any situation by getting insurance will help you out a ton.  Insurance is important to me because just like in a volleyball game, you want extra points so that you have reassurance that you will win. With Insurance, you want the extra liability so that you have reassurance that when something bad happens it can be fixed.

I believe without Insurance the amount of people in debt would increase. Insurance helps pay for big unexpected purchases and without it some people today wouldn’t have a vehicle, house, or even proper medical care because life is expensive. It is important to have insurance especially when you have a family. If you died tomorrow, would you be leaving your family financially sane or financially in trouble? You have to think about all the benefits that insurance can and will bless you and your family with. Insurance is capable of fixing tragedies and repairing them to what they once were. It is beneficial for all to have insurance because you never know what tomorrow may bring.

Living in Kansas comes with the chance of experiencing all seasons in one day and it also comes with a higher risk during certain months for tornadoes to come about. My dad has insurance for his major assets to protect them against Kansas’s unpredictable weather such as: the house and vehicles. Through hail, sleet, and snow my family has coverage that can replace and protect us from the damages that could happen. Recently, a tornado hit three houses in my town and took everything that they had. All of those families were sufficiently covered. None of their sentimental and precious items can be replaced, but their houses are on their way to being repaired so that they have a home once again.

As a military child, insurance has been granted to my family where we haven’t had to pay for it while my dad has been active in the military. We benefit from it the most by not having to pay for medical insurance. This has helped a lot because of my dad’s back injury and sleep apnea. The army pays for the insurance so that my dad is provided a seep app machine and they schedule him regular chiropractic appointments so that he is healthy and mobile for work. I believe civilians can receive the same help as long as they pay for insurance, because if they go through the same problems insurance can help pay for those beneficial items and cover them so they can be healthy and mobile for work as well.

There are good and bad types of insurance, because not all insurance companies do what they say they are going to do. On television, there are many different commercials that are advertising different insurance companies. You mostly see, Geico, All State, State Farm, and Progressive. These insurance companies try to make the public believe that they are the best and most fit to take care of any problem and situation the customer might have happen to them. In most commercials, the companies always state how they’re liable and that they are more than just an insurance company. Their goal is to make the customer feel like family where it isn’t just business. So that the customer will pick their company to protect whatever they are trying to insure. I believe the easiest way to find out which insurance company would be the best to cover you, is by going in and talking to someone. By talking to them it will make it easier for you to see what they are really trying to offer and what they are really going to do when you will need them the most.

For my family, I believe that insurance isn’t just a necessity, but a need. As a driver, I believe that for me to be liable, I need to have insurance. Insurance is important. Not for just me and my family but for others as well. It is what helps and assures that bad situations can be fixed. Insurance is the foundation that can help make sure that, it’s okay to make mistakes. You really don’t want to have anything bad happen to you, but with insurance bad times are the least of your worries.

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