Alexander S

There are many types of insurance for many different reasons. There is home owners insurance to protect one of the most expensive investments a person will ever make, purchasing a new home. Then, there is rental insurance if you are renting a home and want to insure the value of the items that you have, in the unfortunate case that something happens to the rental home. There is insurance for your vehicles which is something that everyone will have to pay at some point in their life, well at least those of us who are lucky enough to drive and have a vehicle. Next, there is life insurance which protects those who you will leave behind. My parents have life insurance to cover the rearing of their minor children in the event that something happens to either one of them or both of them at the same time, God forbid! My mom always says make sure that when you are grown and living on your own to ensure that you have all of these types of insurance as they relate to your individual needs. But the most important of all of the insurances to me is health insurance.

My parents were in the military when I was born three months premature and the amount of money that would have to have been paid by my parents if not for their service to our Great Nation. What brought all of this about was they were in Korea prior to my birth and the doctors sent her home saying that she still had three more months to go, but was already showing signs of early delivery. She left the hospital and drove herself home from the emergency room. When she arrived home she had to climb thirteen flights of stairs to get to the apartment that they were living in at the time. When she arrived to the apartment door she felt pressure and a few moments later I was delivered by my Dad on the bathroom floor, soon thereafter the paramedics arrived. When I was born, I was not breathing, so they were performing CPR on me and was able to revive me. I spent many days in the hospital with jaundice and many other health related problems due to being three months premature! As the medical facilities were not adequate to handle all of my health care needs my parents military duty stations reassigned them back to the United States to an area that was able to handle all of my immerging medical needs. I had many surgeries to repair parts of my body that were not properly formed and a slew of other issues that they had to fight in order to get the best care for me that was possible. It was at this point in time when all of the medical bills started pouring in from all of the hospital bills in Korea, and when we were back in the United States that they really learned the value of having a great health insurance plan that covered nearly all of the treatments and surgeries that I required.

Seventeen years later, we are still blessed to have great health insurance that allows for my continued medical treatment due to conditions that stemmed from my early arrival into this world. My siblings and I all battle with severe allergies and require allergy shots and the use of EPI Pens at any given time. These shots and the EPI Pen are very costly and there are even campaigns on in the not so recent past, to address the skyrocketing cost of this life-saving medication. This mediation is for instant relief in the event the patient comes into contact with something that that are allergic to, such as, dairy products, peanuts or insects. For people who suffer with severe allergies as I do and the rest of my siblings, it is vital that we have access to these life-saving medications, which everyone should be able to receive, regardless of the cost. Everyone who is blessed to have a good health insurance plan that covers the majority of their health care and prescription drug needs should be thankful, because it is our responsibility to take care of one another and make sure that we all have what we need to live the healthiest, most productive life that we can.

For these reasons and many more, I am planning on pursuing a career in the medical field. There are so many different avenues that I could pursue as a Dual Enrolled High school senior I attend my high school for three hours daily and then I attend my clinical rotation at a local pharmacy as I am also working on completing my pharmacy technician associates degree. When I graduate I should have my high school diploma and my associates’ degree at the same time. I have worked very hard to get to this point and have overcome all the odds to even be typing this essay at this very moment. So my desire is to see that everyone in this country has access to the best doctors and the best health insurance possible. It is not the most wealthy who deserve the best health care, but all of us. It is with great pleasure that I am submitting this essay in the hopes that this scholarship will not just help me make college more affordable, but the many lives that I will be able to make an impact on as the physician of the future. In helping to make my educational goals possible, you are also going to be impacting many more unknown lives who will one day become my patient.

Humbly, I submit this essay as a lifelong learner who will take this next step in order to ensure that all patients have the same access to great personal care by their physicians. As a young person who has had to overcome many hurdles since birth, I want to ensure that I am able to pass on my God-given gifts and make a difference in the lives that I will touch. This “gift” of a scholarship is not something that I will take for granted, but one that will truly make a difference.

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