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People are always worried and scared from accident whether it causes an auto, house, business damages, or death. For people without insurance, they will panic and get stressed when an accident happens because they have to pay a lot due to the high cost of health care or labor. On the other hand, people with insurance, they will be always relaxed and function normally without being scared from storms or someone running into their cars because the insurance companies will always cover the damages as long as they are not due to our neglect. However, some people say that they may not have any accident; anyway, when you are paying money for an insurance company, you are helping yourself in the future, or you are helping someone who really needs help. Therefore, the money you are paying will not be wasted.

One of the most important experience we had was this month, October, 2016. My father owns a forty room motel in Safford, AZ. I had eleven siblings, and I am the sixth, but I was the only son going to the college until this moment, and I am trying to help him supporting my younger siblings to go to the college after their high school. However, this motel is what support us now, and our customers are mainly from Safford or Morenci, AZ mines. Unfortunately, due to the low copper price for the past two years, the mines were not hiring a lot of people which led to a slow business in the town, and my father had been paying for the motel expenses for a while from his saving. Moreover, on Saturday October 8, 2016, a hail storm came and attacked the city, and most of the hail were around one inch diameter. Anyway, when the storm calmed down, I went outside, and all the bushes in the garden were beaten, some of the pool’s lamps were broken. Then, couple days later, we realized that all the roof’s shingles were poked by the hail, and it had to be replaced even some of the rooms started dripping water from the ceiling, but thanks to God, the flood did not get into the rooms, the flood only covered half the parking lot unlike some other motels where the muddy water went inside the rooms. We found out that the insurance companies would not cover the fixing costs if floods happening, which led our neighbor motel to close. In addition, couple days after the hail storm happened, we were notified that the insurance company will be covering most the cost for changing the roof’s shingles, painting the pool and fences because their paints were destroyed also by the storm. We all were thankful that the insurance company was going to cover the costs for fixing the property. Especially, that they are helping us during a stressful period of time.

On the other hand, my brother who had been always highly allergic to bee’s stings. He once was driving back from Tucson, AZ to Safford, AZ; he had his windows open, and out of nowhere, a bee got into the truck and stung him in the eye. He could not continue driving, so he immediately stopped on the side of the roads, and the only way to continue was to call the ambulance. Therefore, he called them, and they took him to the hospital where he received medications. He spent there about an hour or two; then, they gave him a ride back to the motel. Couple weeks later, he received a bill; it was eight hundreds for the emergency room, sixteen hundreds for the ambulance ride, and two forty for other medications. My brother did not have any type of health insurance, but if he had one, he would not be paying this amount of money.

In addition, my other brother who is an eighteen wheel truck driver. He is planning to start shipping cars, so he had to find an insurance plan because if anything happened while shipping, he will be responsible on the cars when any damage happens, but the insurance will be covering these damages which he would never be able to cover if the car worth more than 100K. Therefore, having an insurance for the truck is an important thing to have while practicing his career.

Anyway, I had been feeling bad while writing this essay because I know, and everyone know that if we saved the money we pay for insurance, we will be able to start a new business. What I said earlier is what an insurance agent would say. For example, we paid more than one hundred thousand for the motel since we started the business, and what we will receive is much less than that, and in general when we do a claim, they triple the amount we pay for the next year. The truck’s insurance is 47 thousands per year, so he can buy a new truck every year if he did not pay insurance. Also, we pay for the auto insurance every year, and we never needed it, and we paid much more than what the car worth until this moment. In addition, all people who cannot pay for the health care, the dues will be waived or transferred to be paid by another institution. Basically, the only reason that people buy insurances is because their fear of loss is twice much as their desire of wining. In addition, the insurance is based on unfairness where everyone pay, but only a small fraction get back what they pay. Finally, all what we need to do is to relay on the God, plan ahead, and be careful about what we are doing, watch our altitude, and stop lying.

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