Aaliyah B

Insurance Is Important to Me, because of two reasons the first reason is when I my brother Josh was murdered. My second reason is when my cousin Charles was murdered, he did not have life insurance and death was not planned.

Josh death was UN planned and happen out of nowhere. Josh was killed during a drive by shooting, and he dies on the scene. My mom was to pride to ask for money to bury Josh. I remember he was burying fast and not one did she asks anyone for money. Josh was burying fast because he had insurance. I feel that everyone should have insurance because you never know when your love one will pass on. Many African Americans do not have insurance. I think that is because a lot of African Americans do not think they need it until it’s too late. When they love one is in the holiday or they love one just die.

Specific in today’s world, many African Americans still do not have insurance because they are not being taught about it. Than when they love one need money that insurance will cost. That when they want to go setup a go funds me page. That want people to feel sad for to give them money. I feel after a mother loses one of her child, that she should get insurance for every member of her family.

I remember Josh funeral it was every classic. A lot people ask how did my mom had everything planned so fast, that because of insurance that have people to help you.

My second reason is when my cousin Charles was murder two years after Josh. I after Charles murder us all was still numb because of Josh. Even though Charles was my cousin, but after his mother die, my mom took him in. It was like she had another one to take care of.

The police call my mom and not his sister to come down to identify Charles at the crime scene. She was numb to his death. My whole family was numb that we have to bury another loved one, specific when we find out that Charles knew who kill him. He used the last breath to call the police and Charles told them who murder.

I remember my mom and other family member on the street asking for donation. I was mad because I felt if he would have had insurance our family will not be asking people for money. But my mom and other family member put that pride aside and they stood outside asking for donation. The end we had enough money to bury him.

Charles was a big man so his funeral was not cheap. Even thought my family was embarrassing and that pride was pushed down a little for asking money, from people in a couple days we have another money to bury him. I also remember Charles was not close to his dad and the family did ask him for money and his dad told the family member that we should cremate him, because it will be cheap. With that statement that Charles dad made everyone mad.

Since Charles mom died years ago, before so all the family he had was his sister and my mom help raise him. My mom did not want Charles sister to be stressed out on how will I bury my brother. Should I bury him the cheap way or the proper way.

We bury him the proper way, this was the right decision. Finally, seven years later Charles murderer was finally on trial. Charles help solve his own case by making that police call that had used that as evidence in his trial. He is finally at peace. But it had been nine since Josh was murdered, he case is a cold.

When burying my sibling and family member I feel that every single person should have insurance. Include babies, because as we see what is going in the world our babies are killed.

To me having insurance provide safety and security because we never when we will need it. So I will lose a couple dollars if it makes me feel safety and security, so if anything did happen my family will not be stressed on how will they pay for this. Our school should teach how important insurance is. I do not get why specific since we have a lot of teen mom who may need insurance. Having insurance is very important to me.

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