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Many people living in this modern day society believe that money is everything. Most people don’t know how to manage or save their money for emergencies. Insurance is the only thing keeping many Americans afloat today. From personal experience, I’ve witnessed just how important having various types of insurance is; whether it’s car accidents or medical bills, my family has been through it all. Insurance is so important due to the fact that it can save you from going bankrupt amidst all of the potential unplanned expenses.

Car accidents can turn a person’s life upside down in an instant, even if the accident wasn’t their fault. When I was in middle school, my family was driving to church, going straight, when a car turned left into us. In that instant, as we were jolted to a stop in a fraction of a second, we couldn’t breathe, were praying that everyone would be ok, and were not thinking about mounting expenses that would soon be headed our way. Unfortunately, our car was totaled and extensive medical bills were created. Even though the accident was not our fault, it would have caused an immense volume of bills if we didn’t have insurance. My family had several emergency room bills, we had to buy a new car, had to pay the tow company, the junk yard, the rental car company, just so many unplanned expenses that insurance truly saves people from having to pay. Uninsured drivers are also a huge hazard not only to others but to themselves as well. When an uninsured driver gets into an accident, the other person is going to be left paying all of the bills. Insurance saves people from going bankrupt when issues arise that they didn’t even cause.

A home is classified as the place where you are the most comfortable and where you have everything you need right at your fingertips. Insurance protects the homeowner from a wide variety of things that could happen to a home which is very necessary to have today. The Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado, back in the summer of 2012, took many homes from a vast amount of people. I remember the fire grew and grew to the point where the sky glowed ominously red even in the black of night.  You could look toward the mountains and all you would see was the fiery red smoke looming. The day the fire jumped the canyon and headed directly for our homes was the worst day imaginable for so many families. The air was heavy with burning embers floating all around us. My family was evacuated that day and we hurriedly grabbed as many of the important things as possible with the realization that soon everything we knew could be gone. As we drove away from our house, there was already fire burning alongside the road, and we couldn’t see fifty feet in front of our car. The next week was absolute torture for everyone involved as people waited to hear whether their house was saved or lost in the fire.  Luckily our house was saved because of the fire line the amazing firefighters put two hundred feet from our home. Even if people were as lucky as my family to still have their home, there was roof damage, smoke damage, water damage, looters, just so many things that could happen to the place you call home. With insurance you don’t have to worry about those unplanned expenses that could break your bank.

Medical bills are one of the leading factors in bankruptcy today. Most Americans go to the doctor, dentist, emergency room, take prescriptions, etc.  Without insurance, those bills could devastate us all. Over the summer, my father underwent his second open heart surgery because of an infection that was eating away at his heart. The second time around was much worse than the first because of the several complications that occurred. After surgery, he stayed in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for two days and was then moved to the regular cardiac floor for five more days. During that period of time he had several extra procedures and many different types of doctors monitoring his progress around the clock.  The medical bills rapidly accumulated by the end of seven days when he was able to go home. Three days later, my Dad was taken by ambulance to the emergency room where we found out that his right lung cavity had filled with blood and fluid. He had dramatically reduced lung capacity which required him to use fifteen liters of oxygen to maintain acceptable blood oxygen levels. After his trip to the emergency room, he had to have another surgery to empty the cavity around the lung and make sure it wasn’t going to refill again. He spent a couple more days in the regular Intensive Care Unit and then back to the cardiac floor; in total he was back in the hospital for eight additional days. The bills don’t end there though; he had to see different doctors just about every day and had so many prescriptions I couldn’t count them all. Hospital stays alone were almost $300,000, but because of insurance we only paid $2,000.

Insurance is expensive and possibly unaffordable for some families, but the price of not having it is a much greater price to pay. Auto insurance covers just about all of the costs that can happen to a car except the normal maintenance costs. Homeowners insurance covers flood, fire, hail, burglary, etc. and it is absolutely worthwhile. Medical insurance being most important, covers all the medical expenses you can think about. My dad wasn’t planning on needing surgery or all of the complications that came with it, but things just like that can happen to anybody and everybody when they least expect it. People in our society today love to spend and not save.  For people like that, insurance is a must, because they don’t have that rainy day fund that can help them pay for those unplanned expenses. To not have insurance is a hazard to themselves and a hazard to everyone around them.

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