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Insurance is important to not only me, but everyone.  Insurance is very important to me and my family because my mom is an insurance agent through the company Erie Insurance.  I constantly here from my mom about how important it is to have proper insurance because just one little issue could cost a person everything they have. Just recently a man that my mom has insured had a fire at his house. The man was self-employed, cutting grass and plowing snow for a living. He kept all this equipment along with his personal cars in his garage. The fire started in his garage and completely burned his garage and most of his house.  He and his family lost basically everything. There was one truck that is still able to run. When he came to my mom for insurance though, he only wanted enough coverage for his house. He did not think it was necessary to have coverage for all the equipment he had in the garage. My mom was able to talk him into buying more coverage just in case anything happened to the equipment. Once the fire happened, he called my mom and thanked her for talking him into buying the extra coverage because it saved him. Without it, he would have lost thousands of dollars and then had to buy all that equipment again.

I have also seen what having life insurance can do because my dad is a funeral director. The people who have life insurance tend to have much nicer funerals. When I say much nicer funerals, I mean that they always buy the high-end caskets and have a lunch after the funeral at nice places. The people who do not have life insurance always buy the cheapest caskets possible and rarely have a lunch afterwards. It is sad to see a family not being able to give their loved one the funeral that they deserve because they do not have the money to do so. One funeral that I remember well was this lady that died. She was popular in town and everyone came to her funeral. She did not have life insurance but her family bought and expensive casket and did everything that they thought she deserved. This funeral was five years ago and they still have not paid off the entire bill because they do not have the money. That puts my dad in a bad position because he knows the family cannot afford to pay him but he cannot take a total loss on the funeral because of how expensive it was.

Health insurance is also very important to my family. My dad has had two heart attacks, one at the age of 27 and the other at the age of 48. Both times his health insurance has pad for a majority of it and it was a lifesaver for him and my mom. Without it, my parents would probably still be paying off the bill for it. The other time in my life that I realized how important health insurance is was just last summer. I woke up one morning and my ankle hurt and I just assumed that I had rolled it the night before playing basketball with my friends. As the day went one, it started to swell and hurt even more. The next day it really hurt but I had a county league baseball game that night so I just took a lot of Advil and wrapped and taped my ankle until I couldn’t move it. I went to the game and told my coach so he just made me hit one time. I hit the ball and the run/ hobble to first base was the longest and most painful run of my life. I went home after the game and got the chills and ended up having a fever. The next morning I could not put any weight on my ankle and it looked as if there was a baseball on my ankle. My dad took me to the doctors because of my ankle and because I had a fever of 104 degrees. They took an x-ray but found nothing so I was sent to the hospital to get an MRI to look for a bone infection. No bone infection was found but my doctor sent me MRI results to an orthopedic doctor at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The orthopedic called my parents and told them to get me to the hospital as soon as possible. I went there and they thought that I either had a staph infection or lyme disease. It ended up being a staph infection so I was admitted to the hospital and the next day I had to have surgery to clean the infection out. Another two days in the hospital after that and I was finally able tp go home. Without my health insurance, there was no way that my parents would have been able to pay off that bill. The bill came to about ten thousand dollars. Life insurance has saved my family several times.

Insurance is expensive but it is worth it if you end up needing it. Everyone should carry insurance off all kinds because it is so important.

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