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I live my life to the fullest everyday. I never have to worry that the activity I’m preforming may lead to an injury that requires a doctor’s visit we cannot afford. I never have to worry that the tree near my house will fall down and cause damages that will put my family in debt. I never have to worry that a car crash will total my car and I will be unable to purchase another one. Catastrophes are my biggest fear because I care about my family and their well-being, but I do not worry about the possible financial burden. Insurance is the reason I do not live in fear of the impending future.

April 27th, 2011- a date I will never forget. On this day, a super outbreak of tornadoes bulldozed their way across Northern Alabama. My neighborhood was hit by a F5 tornado and many houses were severely damaged. Several pieces of debris struck the roof of my house and water poured inside. My house was deemed unlivable and we had to live with my grandparents for 3 months. Without the help of our insurance, my family would’ve had to pay 65,000 dollars out of pocket to pay for the reconstruction. The insurance adjuster wasted no time coming out to our house to appraise the damages. They knew how rough our situation was and did everything in their power to relieve the financial stress. They even offered to pay for a hotel for us to live in while we waited for our house to be repaired. Some families, however, did not have insurance. They were living with hopes that nothing bad would ever happen. Because they didn’t have homeowner’s insurance, they had to pay for the repairs with their own money. Many homes were abandoned because the homeowner’s could not afford to pay for the damage. Because we had the help from our insurance company, we were able to focus rebuilding our lives rather than stressing over the financial burden. This is why insurance is something I’m incredibly thankful my family has.

Death is inevitable. Bad things happen to all people, regardless of if they are good or bad. Life insurance is important because it allows loved ones to grieve in peace without worries of paying for a funeral or burial. My grandfather passed away on July 9th, 2013 – another important date to me. My whole family was devastated by this and needed time away from the chaos of life to grieve. My grandfather’s life insurance policy helped us do that by giving us a sum of money to pay for the funeral. The insurance agent personally knew my grandmother and was able to help us tremendously during this dark time. Life insurance allows you to pay a monthly fee that results in a benefit for your family after you pass away. Many would say that it relieves the burden that your death may cause. A death in a family creates an emotional toll that is made easier by life insurance.

Access to healthcare is something we all take for granted. Throughout my life, I have never had to tough out a sickness because we couldn’t afford a doctor’s visit. When I felt pain in my abdomen in elementary school, my parents rushed me to the hospital without worrying about how they would pay for the visit. When the doctor notified them that I needed my appendix removed, my parents did not feel stressed about the bill that would be coming. I never have to shy away from playing sports because I know any injuries I may obtain will be covered by the health insurance. More than likely, everyone in my family will live healthy lives because we are able to visit a doctor for check-ups. My teeth are strong because my health insurance allows me to have them cleaned twice a year. Health insurance has provided me a healthy life that I otherwise may not have. My grandfather passed away from pancreatic cancer. His doctor knew that it was untreatable. All we wanted to do was make sure he was comfortable for the remaining days of his life. Because he had health insurance, he was provided with at home care many others would normally not have. The insurance provided him with an oxygen machine, home health services, and a wheelchair. My family was able to be with him because of the health insurance company.

Insurance is important to me because it provides peace of mind during the chaos of life. It is essentially a back-up plan for when things go wrong. I rather have insurance and rarely need it then not to have insurance when I need it the most. While insurance is not a main necessity to many people, it certainly is something I could not imagine living without.

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