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Insurance is important because it gives people a leg to stand on incase the unthinkable has to be thought about. Insurance provides a piece of mind, health insurance especially. I know from personal experience of how valuable health insurance can be and how it can benefit you in the midst of a catastrophic event.

In 2013, my freshman year of high school, my mom had a brain aneurism rupture. A brain aneurism is a bulge that grows off of a blood vessel that flows into the brain. It blows up like a balloon and when it pops, there is a small window of opportunity to stop the bleeding before the patient is dead. A brain aneurism is comparable to a stroke, except the rupture does not effect parts of the body, it effects the brain as a whole. In most cases, it is fatal. Usually there is seizing, memory loss, and the people that survive one are vegetables for the rest of their lives. Some Long term effects are the loss of vision, epilepsy, and the loss of coordination. My mom was a statistic. We were told she was not going to survive and she was not going to make it through surgery. A surgical team worked for four hours to correct the damage done to her brain and repair the blood vessel. She survived and was named the miracle of the ICU at the University Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Fisher, her brain surgeon, called her his miracle patient. He did not even have hope for her survival. No one thought she was going to survive and if she did, we were told she would probably never be the same.

After two separate hospital stays, a life flight helicopter ride, and a team of doctors on speed dial, the bills started racking up. Just the flight from Russell Hospital in Alexander City to the University Hospital in Birmingham was over seventy five thousand dollars. Not to mention my dad was by her side twenty four seven. He had to get a hotel room, all of his meals had to be paid for, and he was missing work. Mom was in the hospital for almost two months. That meant that she was missing at least two months of work. She had to have her healing time as well. When she came home, she was still on medications that cost a fortune and she had follow up visits that had to be made. I had no idea how much surgery and prescriptions cost. It really opened up my eyes to the reality of how much things really do cost.

On top of all of that, Obama Care had just gone through congress and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama was going up on their rates. I come from a family of six, there are four of us kids. My parents could not afford the rise in health insurance so they had to cancel our plan. Just a few weeks before all of this happened, our insurance plan was dropped. Money has not always been super tight in my family. My brothers, sister, and I have never had to go without, but we are not the most affluent family. My mom and dad do not make six figures a year. We are what is considered an average American family.

My parents do not have one hundred thousand dollars laying around. The medical bills will be something that they have to pay on for the rest of their lives, I’m sure. If they had insurance, most of the bills would have been paid for and they would not have this burden for the rest of their lives. Insurance is important to me because now, not only do my parents have college to pay for for all four kids, they have this medical bills that they are responsible for. I feel that because of that, I need to be more accountable for my college education and not rely on my parents as heavily as some college students can. It adds more stress to them and I understand the cushion that Insurance provides.

Insurance allows people to have protection. That is all for all insurances. Having car insurance is a law because it protects peoples assets. Having life insurance is important because it gives you and your family a piece of mind. If you die, then the people around you have a way to pay for a funeral or any debts that are left to pay for. All in all, having insurance is

the best thing you can do for yourself and for your family. Whether its health, life, or car. It allows a piece of mind. It is a simple way to insure well being in your family’s future.

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