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Insurance is important to me not simply because it is the law to have certain forms of insurance. To state that insurance is important because it is the law would be naïve- insurance is so much more than that which keeps you from being penalized by the law enforcement of your area should you be subject to a traffic stop, or that which keeps you from paying a fine to the government in lieu of purchasing health insurance. It is what gives a person the ability to receive the best care they can get if they are in a situation where they need it- whether they are in a traffic accident and have damages to their vehicle that would cost more to fix than they can afford to pay, or if they have a medical emergency that incur bills beyond payment ability, or even if a family loses a loved one and cannot afford their final expenses. Insurance is something that should be in the forefront of every person’s mind, because money is not unlimited for anyone, and life sometimes throws unexpected circumstances at people that tax their ability to remain financially stable. My personal opinion on insurance is that it is misunderstood and, unfortunately, undervalued in society. Sure, most people have vehicle and health insurance, but that is not necessarily because they understand that it is prudent for them to do so; rather, they have it because they are forced to have it. The law states that every citizen with a driver’s license must be insured in the eventuality of an accident, and the federal government has recently mandated that every person must have health insurance for themselves and their dependents against a medical emergency that outstrips the family’s ability to pay. If you do not have these forms of insurance, you are penalized. However, business owners must also consider the possibility of their business faltering or running into an unforeseen difficulty from which they cannot lift themselves without help; for this, it is not only prudent, but a near necessity to have insurance for the business itself in addition to insurance regarding the workers. In the same vein, what is a family without insurance to do should they lose their home to a natural disaster, such as a flood, a tornado, or a lightning strike? Unless they are very wealthy, chances are good that they would be homeless for a significant amount of time; perhaps they would be forced to move in with family or friends, perhaps they would be forced to rely on the generosity of strangers. In either event, the family’s woes would be much lessened if they had invested in home insurance. They would be given a chance to rebuild their life, replace their possessions, and resume their normal lives as quickly and seamlessly as possible. There are far too many forms of insurance to discuss in a short essay, so it must suffice to say that insurance is not something to be ignored or taken lightly. It would be a major folly for a person to totally neglect the eventuality that something will indeed happen that will put him in a situation where he cannot pay to rectify the situation alone; such a person would figuratively drown under the pressures placed upon him by the forces that need his money to help him rectify his situation. The stress incurred by the financial strain this unfortunate soul finds himself in will create tension-related medical problems that must be rectified if the person is to remain healthy. This rectification costs money, therefore adding to the financial strain that caused the problem in the first place, which contributes to more health issues, thereby perpetuating a vicious cycle of unfortunate events that could have been avoided in their entirety had the person been prudent enough to have the foresight to invest in insurance. Perhaps this case study is far-fetched, but it would not be too much to say that it is entirely feasible; this situation has undoubtedly occurred many times in the past and will occur many times in the future for those who do not have the foresight to insure themselves against life’s unfortunate eventualities. I do not wish to find myself in a situation such as the one described; it is well worth the small expense and inconvenience of insuring myself to save myself the gargantuan expense and inconvenience of being in a situation where I must pay bills I cannot afford in order to end a situation I could not prevent. This, in short, is why insurance is important to me- I wish that others would also see this point and take up the responsibility of taking out insurance policies for themselves and their families.

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