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Insurance is important to me because I feel that if a drastic event was to occur in my life that I am protected from being left out in the cold with no way to turn. Many people who go through things like car accidents and house fires that did not have these items insured are often left at a lose. Because they were not covered for these items these lose out on these things permanently and do not receive any money from it. To where had they had the house or their car insured they could get some money as a means to help them replace them replace what they loss in the accident or the fire. The money could even be used to find a temporary substitute until the person or family finds a solution to their issue. Insurance is important to have because we never know when natural disaster will hit, it is a secure backup to have in a time of need, and it will insue that you and your family will be safe.

In the world we live in today, natural disasters can strike at any minute. A tornado can touch down in the middle of your town, heavy rainfall can cause mass flooding in your area, an earthquake can level your house all in blink of an eye and there is nothing you can do to stop it from happening. Often times when people do not plan for this and leave things like their houses uninsured they are left with no other option except to find a shelter or stay at a friend or a family member’s house. Not only do they lose their homes but they also lose all of their personal belongings that were lost along with the house. For people who are insured they do not have to worry about this problem because their insurance will cover their loses. So their loss won’t be a complete lose because they have the opportunity of getting their belongings back.

Since the world is unpredictable, we all need a plan B-Z just incase our original plan does not go the way it was planned to. Having insurance is like having your backup plans ready to go. No one ever plans for their hot water tank to leak or for their piping in the house to break and cause a leak but it still happens. When you are covered for these things it is more like a nuisance than a problem. For someone who isn’t covered with the proper insurance then this would be a disaster because you are without water and you have to come out of pocket to pay for the damages which can cost a arm and a leg if you can not make the repairs on your own. For accidents of any kind most insurances will pay for liability, damages, and medical expenses which means you don’t have to come out of pocket for all of the fees that will follow.

Life can though us humans many curveballs and death is one of those curveballs. Many people often die unexpectedly and don’t have life insurance. If these people have families then the are left hanging if the deceased person was the main bread winner for the family. Having life insurance is important because it will make sure that you’re family still has money coming in in the event of your death. It allows the family to function even though you are gone. They will not have to struggle to find ways to make money now that you are no longer living. For children whose parents pass away unexpectedly they get an inheritance that they can as a college fund or a way to start up a business of their own. It will also keep your family from having to pay for any unpaid expenses that are left behind when you die. Life insurance helps ease the minds of people who wonder how their families will survive when they are gone. Life insurance keeps the family from striking out when life throws death their way.

Insurance is important to me because it keeps us on our toes for when natural disaster strikes, it protects us like a safety net when bad things happen, and it allows families to feel secure if the main source of income sadly passes away. Insurance keeps us financially stable too. When life goes wrong insurance is there to pick us up and put life back on the right tracks. Without insurance a lot people in the world would be at a lose.

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