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Imagine yourself as a 16 year old teenage girl, named Ashley, who just got her license. Driving around in your pink BMW that your daddy just got for you for your sweet 16th birthday, you just got a text from Jennifer how Mark just totally asked her out. Shocked to your own belief, you texted Jennifer with the casual “Shut up, no way!” But before you could finish your text, you are stopped by a rear bumper of the car a front of you. Ashley knows that her daddy is not going to be very happy because he doesn’t have car insurance. A simple cost of $500 in repairs is now a $20,000 deficit. No one would want to be in the situation Ashley’s dad is in. That is why insurance is important to me because it assures myself that I am safe from the liabilities of accidents, damages, illness, death, or even specified loss.

We all know that catchy All State slogan where the godly voice of Dennis Haysbert says “You are in good hands.” The reason why the slogan is consistently referenced because it sticks true to its values. The unpredictability of a crisis makes us always feel like we are in a precarious position. However insurance is like a safety net. It relieves the this uncertainty and makes us feel that we are safe under the hands of another person. Someone who doesn’t have insurance is burdened with the consistent thought of “What is going to happen if I get into an accident? What if I my mother gets cancer? Will I be able to pay for the damages if a tornado hits my house?” Someone would not want to be constantly thinking about these burdening questions and still have to carry out their daily responsibilities. For me particularly, everyday I have to drive to school, study, then drive back home. Since I recently got my license, it is inevitable that I will scratch the car or even get into an accident. On numerous accounts I have accidently back the car too fast, which cause me to hit the back wall of our driveway. However insurance covers for most of the damages. But if I didn’t have insurance, it would be nuisance to be persistently thinking about burdening my father with financial debt if something was to happen to me while driving. But it is even more burdensome to be both thinking about my school’s course load and the thought that I am not covered if was to get into an accident. Insurance makes me feel safe as they will reimburse any damages of my clumsy driving.

Many argue that having insurance is too expensive and cumbersome to the wallet. As a result many of them choose not to have insurance. However buying insurance is worth the cost. I like to think of insurance as a long term investment. Every month when the insurance company charges you, that money is put into a fund. When the occasion of an accident happens, you have a pool of money that you have invested each month, to help relieve the financial aspect of the accident. The insurance company is there to compensate for the financial lost of the accident or state of emergency. The accident or emergency at any instantaneous moment can cost a lot. For example going to the hospital because of illness can cost up to $70,000 or more. However if the family has insurance, they don’t have to pay for the whole medical bill. The money they invested into the insurance company will be able to reimburse them. I can relate to the similar situation stated. When my grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2015. My grandfather was sent into the emergency room and later sent to the life support room. Life took its toll and my grandfather passed away. We were all shocked not only with this unfortunate event but the cost of the medical bill. However, since my father pays for health insurance much of the expense was covered. This gave us the relief where we can focus cherishing our last moments with our grandfather rather than dealing with the cost of healthcare. But cancer can hit anyone and the cost of healthcare only adds up to the problem. Though the cost of insurance can be a hefty, the benefit of being able to pay for your medical bill, or any bill in relation to damages or loss, is worth every penny. I strongly endorsed for insurance because it is like investment into a fund that will later pay you back when you most need it.

Insurance for me relieved the stress of being a new driver and the cost of healthcare. Without insurance I would have felt exposed to the financial problems that accidents and loss present. But insurance should be significant to all of us because it is a way for a company to compensate for immediate losses and damages. Everyone should have some form of insurance because it is a way to assure themselves they are safe in the hands of the insurance company. Unfortunately the example of Ashley’s father, who is in a position where repairs are going to outweigh the benefit of the BMW itself. If he only had insurance, the insurance company would have compensated for the immediate lost that was brought upon to Ashley’s father and would not be subjected to the financial burden of the incident. We should all learn not to be like Ashley’s father. That is why my family and I have insurance because we don’t take risks. We know insurance will always be there to have your back.

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