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Imagine having just a normal fifth grade school day. Suddenly, a severe pain hits you in your abdomen. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. As you double over, you’re rushed to the doctor then immediately to the hospital. You’re terrified, it doesn’t make sense, and you were just fine an hour ago! After what seems like a million tests including x-rays, blood labs, CT scans; they conclude your appendix needs to be removed. An easy surgery according to the doctors. But, they didn’t know that it was much more complicated – my appendix ruptured. The surgery and after care was not so simple anymore. The infection, the pain, the additional testing, medications, the special IV lines, the week in the hospital, the month out of school – it all added up emotionally and financially!

Who could afford all this? Not my parents! The expense of the testing, hospitalization, surgery, and follow up care was astronomical. I was fortunate to have health insurance. While it didn’t cover everything, it did cover a lot. You may think you do not need health insurance until the unexpected like a ruptured appendix happens to you. There are a multitude of insurances such as health, home, auto, pet, life, or even natural disaster coverage to protect possessions against damage caused by earthquakes or floods. Again, insurance may not seem important until you suffer what can be a catastrophic loss from a home robbery or even a tornado that literally rips your house apart. Insurance plans very and can provide basic to very comprehensive coverage.

And now another scenario… You’re driving with a friend when another driver cause a serious accident. You suffer a broken leg. You don’t even think about the financial cost because you assume the other driver has insurance. Reality hits when you find out they do not. Your own health insurance and your pocketbook are now responsible. If this doesn’t convince you of the importance of having insurance – ask your family, ask your parents! Insurance is so very necessary in today’s world as the unexpected can change your entire life in an instant. Get some peace of mind – get insured, and make the most difficult times a bit easier!

In the United States the national and state governments have laws that mandate various types of insurance coverage. Some of these insurances include health and automotive, as well as homeowners. The national government can set the minimum for the amount of coverage necessary for each facet. These amounts can be trumped by higher minimum standards set forth by the state government. For example, in the state of Illinois minimum amounts necessary for vehicle liability insurance are set and must be met by the owner of the vehicle. Mandatory insurances, including auto coverage, can vary widely from state to state.

The Affordable Care Act was signed into law by the President on March 23, 2010 and was upheld by the Supreme Court with their final decision on June 28, 2012. This program has helped millions of families across our country and still helping people today. The main function of the act is to reduce the premium costs for millions of working families by providing billions of dollars in tax relief.  This enabled the largest middle-class tax cut for health care in US history.  This reduces the amount families will have to pay out-of-pocket for health insurance and allows and Americans without health insurance coverage to choose health insurance that works for them.  Americans will have new affordable choices of private insurance plans for their businesses as well. In important role of this act is that it bands companies from deny insurance coverage from a person because of pre-existing medical conditions. If you look deeper into the act allow states to get Medicaid equally and allows the states to adjust Medicare temperature care and services. This act saves a lot of taxpayer dollars by keeping people healthier and it also is ending the massive over payments to insurance companies that cost American taxpayers billions of dollars per year. The affordable care act is a law that helps Americans that cannot help themselves get health insurance and makes health insurance from companies to taxpayers cheaper.

In today’s modern society you can shop around and get insurance easily. Choices are abound online – you don’t even have to physically go from agency to agency. Online choices are presented fast and concisely. Insurance for auto coverage can be bought through dedicated agency, independent agents, or online agencies. Online insurance shopping is incredibly popular do to it is ease and anonymity. It allows you to skip the middleman as you determine the best coverage for you and your situation. There really is no excuse not to find an option that works for you!

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