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Without insurance, many American’s would be debtors, thrown out into the desolate streets to fend for themselves with no one to watch their back. Luckily though, most Americans have trusted insurance agents to lean on for support in times of need. Though there are many different types of insurance, the most influential aspects in my life have been crop insurance, life insurance, and medical insurance. These aspects of insurance have resolved countless difficulties that would have thrown my future path off track. The assurance these areas offer can never have their value understated.

As farmers, my family leans heavily on the use of crop insurance at times. Mother Nature can be unpredictable, especially living in Michigan. The Great Lakes can bring a killing freeze in the winter, floods in the spring, and humidity causing mold in the summer. These disasters can destroy the entire livelihood of which my family depends on.  My mother is a stay at home mom that prepares meals for the workers in the field, and my father at age 58 works year round at the family business, they neither have the abilities or the credentials to find new work to support the family. If a flood strikes, like one did in 1986, the basis for our entire year is gone. Unlike most American workers, farmers receive one paycheck for the year, and if that check doesn’t come, the year will bring hardships. In regards to the crippling Flood of 1986, it left two foot whitecaps rolling across my father’s flat bean ground, and water spewing out of the ditch banks crashing into his rows of corn. Nothing was left in its wake. Luckily though for the family, my father had wisely invested in crop insurance, and promptly received a check in the mail for the damages to his crops. The investment of insurance saved my family from starving for a year, and allowed there to be enough money left over to start another crop the next year. Other farmers, who did not invest in crop insurance, were not so fortunate. As they watched their crops wash out to the Saginaw Bay, they knew of the upcoming troubles the winter would bring. Many of these farmers did make it through the winter, but there was not enough left in their savings to start anew the next spring. They were forced to sell their land and their dreams of farming vanished. Because of insurance, my family is still farming the same land to this day, and our dreams of continuing to farm it are still alive today.

In addition to the saving grace of crop insurance, life insurance has played an equally important role in my life. When my Uncle Lawrence died a few years ago in September at the age of 78, it was shocking to us all. The traumatic experiences of a sudden and unexpected death are indescribable and painful for my brothers and me. My father was similarly mournful, but he was still aware about the expenses of a funeral. Thankfully, my Uncle Lawrence was an intelligent man who understood how bills could pile up. Because of cared so much about us, he purchased an insurance policy that would handle these financial issues. Our lives were already hectic enough with arranging the funeral while still attending school, and harvesting the crops for the year, I could not imagine how we could have made it through without insurance bearing our financial burdens. Life insurance, is a treasure of which I will never underestimate its’ value because it allows for the families of the loved one to make a difficult transition as smoothly as possible.

Furthermore, medical insurance has played a pivotal role in my life. There are so many medical bills that would pile up without insurance, even if all a person did was have a checkup every year. These bills may seem insignificant at the time, but when added up over the course of years and decades, insurance covers endless amounts of money. After these savings are made, the money that would have otherwise been spent on paying those bills, can be diverted towards more crucial necessities. Still though, there is some times when insurance does more than just pay for these bills that inconvenience us. During a summer stroll through the woods when I was ten years old, I was stung by two bees. Unknown to me, I am extremely allergic to these bees. Upon my eyes puffing up, my father immediately rushed me to the emergency room where they quickly controlled the reactions, and informed me that I have an allergy to bees and other such things. To protect against an instance such as this every happening again, I began taking monthly allergy shots. I have no problems with shots, but my parents did have a problem when they were given the estimated cost of the shots I would need to take for the next eight years, a whapping $250,000. We were all completely blow away by this price, but these shots were a necessary. Mercifully, our insurance company once again came to the rescue. They took charge of the financial issues, and told me to focus on getting defended against further attacks. Now, I am nearing the end of my treatments, and soon will be free from any danger that bees will bring me. Our medical insurance company was there when I needed them the most, and for that their importance in my life is boundless.

Insurance is the rock of which a person can build their lives on. Knowing that there is a sturdy safety net to catch me when something bad happens is a load off of my mind. The security of insurance is comforting to know that I am not in this alone; there is someone there to assist me in dire straits. Crop, life, and health insurances have especially been critical to who I am today, and who I can be tomorrow. The doors that would have been closed to me by the expenses of certain bills, would have derailed my entire future, and for these reasons insurance companies and the agents that work there will always be important to me.

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