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Insurance is important to me in many different ways. Liability insurance to me is insurance that protects the professional during their practice.  As a medical professional insurance is very important to medical practice within this profession. As each human makes different mistakes and each person has their own thoughts on mistakes. Having liability insurance protects these professionals during every day they practice. As a human I make mistakes that I never want to make.  Not that I would change any part of my practice each day regarding medical, this insurance keeps me confident during each interaction. Each client we care for has different reactions to different medical procedures. Each procedure could cause risks that no medical professional wants to happen. With this insurance those professional are able to use what is learned to college and practice to provide lifesaving interactions.

Next I will talk about homeowner’s insurance. This insurance helps protect families that put all their hard work in one building. This one building is what they call home each day. This home provides memories, love, and shelter to their family. Homeowners insurance does not bring any of those items back if something was to happen to their belongings. But this insurance dose help provide comfort to these families each day that their hard work money will be covered if something was to happen to their home. These families know each day they leave that their insurance company has their back if life happens. If that fire, burglary, or catastrophic incident happens the company will support where possible. The families’ hard work towards a home is not completely lost during these horrible incidents.  Homeowners insurance also helps these families get money from the bank. Most people within the United States cannot afford a home without a loan from the bank. The bank will not provide a loan unless they know that structure is covered if something catastrophic would happen. If we did not have homeowner’s insurance most families would not be able to have a house to call a home.

Renter’s insurance is also important to each family that does not want the full commitment to home ownership. Or maybe they don’t have the financial resources to buy a home. These families still have property that is highly important to them and their family. This property might be what has given them their memories or love. With renter’s insurance these families can cover their property and valuables.

Car insurance is necessary to help get a loan for the vehicle. This insurance also helps pay for medical expenses if an accident was to happen. Car insurance also helps cover minor costs to the vehicle depending on the type of coverage paid.

Life insurance is what I consider one of the highest important insurances to have. In today’s society insurance is important in each parts of our lives. Why I consider this to be highly important is because when we leave this world life does not stop. Bills don’t stop accruing, water bills don’t go away, electricity is still needed daily, and food is a priority. Now with only one income supplementing your life these bills don’t get cut in half, and they don’t ever go away. When you have a family this is a way to support your family when you are no longer able to financially support them. This insurance helps the beneficiary pay some of the bills that continue to come.  Depending on the amount of insurance you paid for, your beneficiary could pay off their house, cars or different loans. This loan gives each person comfort that is something was to happen then the spouse would be able to cover living costs.

Medical insurance is a type of insurance that some individuals argue is not important to have. Some say this insurance is something you pay monthly to a company and never receive any benefit. What I always try to educate is yes you pay monthly for the “what if”. That part of our life is something unknown to everyone. Medical insurance is needed for those individuals that have chronic medical conditions that would cost them their paycheck every month they if they did not have any. Between the hospital bills, doctor visits and medication cost, this insurance helps lessen the financial burden. The “what if” in life is something no one wants to experience. With insurance the individual does not have to file medical bankruptcy if something was to happen. Also that family does not leave their loved ones in crisis as well if something was to happen in their life. This insurance helps protect all individuals from financial burden.

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