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Auto insurance is very important to have if you own and drive a vehicle.  You never know when an accident might occur and you don’t know if you will be the driver at fault or not.  Auto insurance not only coverage your vehicle’s damages, but in some states your auto insurance will cover you for your injuries if you sustain any under your automobile policy.  Medical treatment can be a very costly especially if your injuries are severe enough that you require hospitalization.  If you are unfortunate enough to be the driver who is liable for an accident, having automobile insurance will protect you if you are sued for injuring or causing damage to another persons property.  Your insurance carrier will be the one to defend you and your rights during an at fault or even an accident that is not your fault.  If you choose to drive and not protect yourself with automobile insurance you are subject to not only having to pay for another persons damages, you are leaving yourself open to be personally sued for the damages of another persons vehicle and property not to mention if another person was injured and you were at fault you could also be sued for causing bodily injury to others not to mention their pain & suffering.  And if you have any type of assets like a home, money in the bank or a trust and you are the at fault driver in an accident, you could easily loose those assets you have worked so hard in life to get.  So if you buy a vehicle, register a vehicle, you need to be smart enough to protect yourself as well as your passengers by buying automobile insurance. Automobile insurance is important to me and my family so we know we are protected in case an accident occurs.  I personally have never been in an automobile accident, but I know people that have been in car accidents, some were not their fault and some were and by them having auto insurance they were protected and covered by their auto insurance carrier and the damages to their vehicles were paid for by carrying insurance and those that were injured during the accident also had their medical paid for so they could treat for the injuries they sustained during their accidents. In the state I live in automobile coverage also pays for lost wages (if you were injured enough that you had to be out of work) and any other additional expenses that you might incur after a car accident, like mileage to and from doctor appointments or household help expenses. If you have rental on your auto insurance and your car is being fixed, you can ensure that you have a rental car so you have another source of reliable transportation while your vehicle is being fixed. If you drive a vehicle it is extremely important to protect yourself and other (like your passengers) with buying automobile insurance for the cars you drive.  You could think you are the best driver in the world, but you just never know when an unfortunate accident might occur and without automobile insurance you are leaving yourself open to a host of expenses incurred during that loss that you might not be financially able to handle.  Between damages to your own car, someone else car or property and again injuries that you might cause to someone, if you are the at fault driver or sustain yourself.  Auto insurance is like any other type of insurance it is peace of mind that if an accident does in fact occur you have auto insurance to handle all aspects of a claim and not to mention peace of mind that you and your family will be supported and defended if necessary if you need to be against someone else.  Auto insurance also protects your vehicle from weather related damage to your car, so if your car is damaged in a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire or flood these damages to your vehicle will be covered as well.  We spend a lot of money purchasing our vehicles, we should always be sure they are protected as well.  Auto insurance is like other types of insurance (life, health, homeowners) it is not a tangible purchase but it sure is extremely important to have when an accident or incident like a hitting a deer on a country road happens.  Auto insurance should give you peace of mind when an accident occurs you will know you will be covered by your automobile carrier.

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