17 Ivy S

Insurance is very important to be because of my car. Car insurance is really the only type of insurance that currently affects me, but it does in a big way.

My family is not all that wealthy and doesn’t have any money to help me with school. They were able to get me a car, however, but that was because it was mu aunt’s old car. I love my car. She is a green 1996 Honda Civic, which makes her older than me. I have gotten so close to her that I call her Helena, after my favorite actress. The reason my aunt got rid of her was because she was too difficult to keep up with. She kept having small things go wrong with her. I inherited her and have things go wrong with her as well in the short amount of time I had her.

When I first received the car, none of the windows would work and the heating and air conditioning didn’t work. It took a while to get these problems fixed. When the air conditioning was first fixed, the wrong sized fan had been put in which caused it to grind and not work properly. When my windows were fixed, they weren’t completely done. My one window does not open at all and my driver’s window sometimes doesn’t want to go back up. This made it very uncomfortable in  the winter and in the summer. I was driving my boyfriend home after a work meeting once and as I drove around a turn, the axel of my car snapped in half. I had just recently had an inspection, but the ball joint fell off and snapped the axel.Over the summer, my car didn’t want to start in extreme heat or cold. I only had it fixed a few weeks ago and it runs much more smoothly. I also had an issue where my gas tank would leak. I recently had that fixed, but now a bigger problem has risen from that: I can’t put my gas in the tank too fast or the gas will be pushed out by the air. This is dangerous because gas gets all over the place when it happens.

One night I had been driving and I hit a dog. I was devastated because I killed it. It did some damage to my care, but not enough for it to be rendered useless. I still have a crack and I get upset every time I look at it. Because of this one event, I am now paranoid to drive at night. I don’t know what I would do if I were to hit another animal and it caused enough damage for me to not be able to use my car anymore.

My car is very important because I go to school a little over four hours away from home. I don’t have anyone who is able to do the driving to come get me for breaks so it is very important that I have my car. Whenever I drive between home and school I get worried that something is going to happen to my car. Every odd smell, odd sound, or strange sensation makes me get paranoid and hope that something isn’t going to happen. If I had to pay to have my car fixed, I don’t think I would be able to. I do not have the money to pay for too much because I put it all towards paying for school and I have to take out loans as well. The school I am at now is one of very few to offer Forensic Anthropology as a major. If I did not have my car I would have to go to a school closer to home and I would have to pick a different career path.

Even at home it is important that I have m car because we have such a large family. Within my household my grandmother and I are the only ones who are able to drive. We are a host family for foster  children and there are a total of 13 people who live in my house. My grandmother has a van, but it can only hold 8 people. With my car, we can get all 13 people wherever it is we need to go.

If I were to lose my car, it wouldn’t just affect me, it would change things for many people. The insurance for my car isn’t much and I wish I could afford more just in case something does happen during one of my long drives.

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