17 Enith S

Insurance is used in many parts of our lives from our house to our cars, businesses and even our lives. Insurance is very important to me because it creates a sense of security when an accident occurs. For example, if I have Renters’ insurance and the home I rent burns I know that part of my belongings will be replaced by the insurance. If I was in a car accident, I know that I will be provided with a new car or certain amount of money that will help me acquire a new. That if a loved one were to suddenly die, I know and can be certain that I will receive insurance money that will help me take care of matters, like bills from the hospital and the funeral home for their services.

Although insurances provide a sense of security, insurances are important to me because without it I would not be able to take my kids to the see a doctor due to our economical status. Helping me take care of my children health to the best of my abilities, because I am able to provide them with a steady and appropriate medical world, history and experiences. Medical Insurance helps me teach them of how to take care of themselves and that there are many things that doctors are needed for. That even though specific equipment may be used, that I am not, at that moment or afterward, concerned about its cost because our insurance will take care of its cost whether or not I currently pay a premium to cover those services.

Insurance helps cover any and all type of losses that can occur on our time on this Earth, from the moment you are born there are factors that will change, you will grow, fall, hurt, break parts in your body or other objects, and create something new that can be beneficial to many people but that to some can be very harmful. This pessimistic feeling of knowing that things will go wrong is alleviated once an insurance agreement is taken, but this only goes as far as the type of insurance plan the users agrees upon. For example, although I currently do not have to worry, of any medical bills, if I were to change my medical insurance company I could be limited, on the amount of services they are willing to cover for the premium I agree to pay. So if my child, is required to have an x-ray during an ER visit and my insurance only covers x-rays during doctor visits. I would be very emotional and stress about the fact that I will have to gather the money somehow to cover those charges before my child is allowed back to the hospital for any type of illness. This type of inadequate insurance should be banned as it causes more harm to the users than it promises.

In addition, a lot of users are unaware of the limits their insurances present until that situation occurs to them personally, like the example above about my child requiring x-ray during an ER visit but only being covered during doctor visits. Becoming aware of this fact or gap in my insurance would make angry at the insurance company from not making this clear at the beginning. Although paperwork is provided at signing and the user is responsible for reading as understanding the material acquired, the terminology can be as daunting to the reader as if they were reading a paper or book in an unknown language. Simpler terms or example of situations that would help explain the insurance coverage would help every user choose as well as understand what coverages does their insurance actually have. Creating a more honest relationship between the user and the insurance company, but users also need to be aware that just because something is cheap and very affordable does not mean it is or provides the best coverage. The same goes to higher rates, just because it is the highest premium does not mean that it covers everything, there are also things that the user may never even require. For example, me as a female and mother of four, will never be in the need (personally) of a circumcision, so if that is something that my medical insurance covers even though I am a female, there is something that most be learned about that insurance, like they are inexperienced in providing medical insurance and understanding what each medical terminology really means.

Although insurances create a sense of security by providing economical compensation for an accident, users need to be aware that there are other factors to be considered when choosing the right type of insurance for you in any aspect of your life. Things to consider are cost, insurance coverage – situational as well as insurance coverage – expertise, considering this factors will help you feel that you have made a more astound choice for the type of insurance chosen to cover whatever aspect your life you have just acquired it for.