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Insurance is the act of insuring a property, one’s life or an individual’s valuable items. People can have health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance and there is even pet insurance. There are a variety of insurance types. Each kind of insurance has different businesses you can use, depending on where you live, how much you make, what you are willing to pay. Insurance is important to me because my family members and I are able to get medical attention when needed. Several years ago my parents and I were sledding one evening and my mom could not get her sled to stop and she hit a parked truck and busted her head open, she had to get staples in her. If we did not have health insurance, she would not have been able to receive the appropriate help. Spring break of 2015, my niece, who was three at the time, got attacked by a dog. It was a very traumatic experience, and definitely one to never forget, but if we were not able to have medical insurance then she would not have been able to be taken care of properly and who knows how much worse the situation could have got. My dad owns his own business and currently one of his employees is not able to work due to being extremely sick, and the business pays the employee’s health insurance so his employees would not be able to afford to pay their medical bills if it was not for the fact my dad gives his employees health insurance. Also, if one of his employees gets hurt on the job, no one has to worry about paying a lot of money for whatever expense is needed, and the company insurance has it covered. My grandmother on my father’s side was addicted to cigarettes and ended up being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After she was diagnosed she did not live much longer but with the help of medical insurance and life insurance, it made the whole situation less stressful in our time of hurt. The medical insurance helped tremendously on all the hospital bills and her life insurance cover the rest of any unpaid bills. My grandma on my mother’s side is diagnosed with dementia, and since she is able to afford health insurance, it allows her to be able to take the medications she needs and to live in a home when someone is available to take care of her at all times and watch over her. Due to the incidences we have been through, if we were not able to afford health insurance we would most likely be in a extreme amount of debt. Summer of 2015, about six weeks after I got my license, I was not paying attention and rear-ended the car in front of me and I ended up totaling my car. If we did not have car insurance we would have had to pay an outrageous amount of money to fix the other guys car and to get a new car or I would have to go without a car, but we got blessed and the insurance company gave us money instead. If an accident occurred and someone hit us and they did not have car insurance, it would be in our favor that we have our own insurance because then we would not get stuck paying for the damages.  Home insurance is utterly important to me because living in Oklahoma we tend to have great amount of tornados. If we have a tornado and the extreme high winds blows a tree onto our house and the roof caves in a little bit, our home insurance would pay for most of the damage costs. That is important to me because I would rather have a nice safe house over my family’s head then have expensive things to show off. Being able to afford insurance makes tough situations less difficult and a whole lot less stressful. Insurance is important to me because if we did not have the ability to purchase health insurance, none of my family members or close friends would be able to get the correct treatment when needed. Without car insurance, if a relative or I got into a major wreck and or even a minor one, we would not be able to afford the expenses to fix the car. If an individual under our insurance plan got injured during the wreck our health insurance would be able to cover the cost. I am very thankful that my family is able to afford any type of insurance for the simple fact that it has saved many of my relatives’ lives and we are not in a high amount of debt.

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