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As a step-son to at one time an insurance broker, underwriter, executive, salesman, and entrepreneur it is an understatement to say insurance is important to me. In addition to these, my mother has been a customer service representative and informational systems manager for a health insurance company. For all of my life, my main source of household income has come from the health insurance industry. I am extremely thankful for this as the health insurance industry has offered me a comfortable livelihood. That is just one reason I feel insurance is important to me, another way is the access it has given my family to care during times of illness. The first occurrence of illness is when my dad contracted diabetes. These high monthly costs would create a great burden on my family if it wasn’t for health insurance. I am very appreciative of the not only affordable care but also the excellent care it has offered my father over the years. This has lifted a burden from our family and offered him a healthy lifestyle to my father. Another health issue that challenged our family is when my 5-year-old brother got optic neuritis, a viral attack on the optic nerve causing loss of sight, this put him in the hospital for a week. Normally, hospital costs would be enough to drive a family into bankruptcy, but since we had health insurance it greatly reduced the cost of the hospital stays lowering our total bill over $17,000. Without insurance, our family could not have sought out proper care for my brother possibly rendering him blind. I am continually thankful for what insurance has done for my brother. Another instance where insurance was significant in my life is when both my grandparents contracted cancer and because of insurance, they received some of the best care in the United States for a relatively low cost. My grandfather was flown up to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to receive a robotic surgery called the DaVinci, only found at the Mayo Clinic. This groundbreaking surgery healed him, and thanks to insurance at relatively low cost. My grandmother was flown up to Swedish hospital in Seattle to receive chemotherapy and surgery. Again thanks to insurance, my grandmother received excellent treatment at an affordable price. Health insurance has had a great effect on my family throughout my life, saving the lives of my grandparents and offering jobs to my parents through my entire life. It has also allowed my father to open his own business offering packaged benefits to individuals and employers. This company, Savvy Benefits, is one I hope to inherit one day. Not only has health insurance helped my family but also home insurance.

Home insurance has offered a sense of security to my family throughout my life. For a majority of my life, I have lived in a flood plain, both on the Gulf Coast and in Fargo, North Dakota. Flood insurance has provided a sense of security to my family. After Hurricane Katrina, flood insurance became a necessity on the Gulf Coast. Having seen water levels rise near our home, I am very thankful that flood insurance provides a safety net to my family in case of another disaster like Katrina or just a heavy rain. Fargo has a slightly different flood issue, but one nonetheless. Every year after our heavy winter precipitation we begin to prepare for the worst as soon as the weather warms up and the snow starts melting. We begin sandbagging nonstop to protect homes like mine. In 2009 we saw the worst flood in history with the levels of the Red River rising over 40 feet. As we saw the water levels approach our home, we continued to sandbag frantically but with the peace of mind that we had flood insurance just in case of disaster. I am grateful for the peace of mind that home and disaster insurance has offered me and my family. Despite my preference towards home and health insurance, I am grateful for all insurance.

I do believe that all kinds of insurance are important to my life. For example, car insurance offers me peace of mind in case I get in a fender bender or a major crash, I know my car and I are covered. Life insurance which my father has offers a safety net in case of tragedy, I know that if an accident were to happen my family would not struggle financially. I am eternally grateful for all kinds of insurance as it has offered me a safe and healthy lifestyle to my family. While also playing a big role in providing an income for my family. It is and will always be very important to me and my family.

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