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When hearing the word “insurance” I think of security, protection, assurance and most importantly coverage. Insurance is essential because it shields a person from an extreme financial loss or responsibility due to an unfortunate unforeseen event. Insurance is important to me because it grants my family and I peace of mind. My family owns their own businesses I understand as a business owner we can take on certain business investments that can shift the risk all thanks to insurance. My family has taught me a whole lot about insurance. Well, hear is my story about why insurance failed my family and I.  I was thirteen years old when my sister Monroe Le was born. Initially, just like anyone else who thinks their baby is the cutest thing ever, I greeted and stared at my sister Monroe, as if she was perfect, in every-single way, I quickly grew so attached to her. When she was born, I discovered a whole knew side of myself, I was instantly in love with our baby girl. Taken back with all the new emotions of having an addition to our family, we did not even begin to realize how much in this moment, our lives would change, forever. From a young age, we had noticed that she had struggled with her vision. She would cry and cling to us any time the lighting was dim and when we’d talked to her, most of the time she didn’t even look at us, instead she was attracted by any glimpse of a lamp or light that was on. When she learned how to walk we noticed the vision problems more frequently, and were concerned that she may need glasses. When walking into a slightly dimmed room she would bump into things, miss door ways and walk into the walls.

Constantly, watching her bump into things was heart breaking to us. Her pediatrician said it was normal for a babies to walk and bump into things as they begin to learn how to walk. She advised us to wait until Monroe was a little bit older and if this did not improve they would schedule an eye exam. Eventually, Monroe was able to have her eyes tested and they prescribed glasses for her. The glasses did not help her, in fact she would cry if she had them on. My family suspected there was a bigger issue at hand. After taking her to the ophthalmologists who were not sure of what exactly was wrong with her vision. The specialist at children’s hospital ran many tests on her eyes but were unable to determine exactly what the problem was. We were getting very discouraged and frustrated, not being able to help her. My mother did quite a bit of research to find doctors that specialized in vision. The best of the best. My mother contacted the Shiley Eye Institute and they suggested that we bring her there. They ran several tests and the final one required her to be put to sleep. They told us the test would take about an hour, but after about around fifteen minutes in they returned to my family and advised us they we not getting any responses to the testing. We were told that they suspected she may have been born with a extremely rare condition called Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis which is an inherited retinal degenerative eye disease that will eventually cause total blindness. To confirm their suspicion Monroe would need to undergo Genetic testing. She underwent the testing and the disease was confirmed. Needless to say our family is heartbroken, knowing she may become totally blind. The rest of the family also needed to have the genetic testing done to determine which, or if both my parents are carriers of the gene that caused her disease. My other sister and I also had to have the genetic tests to determine if we are carriers of the gene too. My parents health insurance does not cover the cost of these uninsured medical and surgical expenses. So my parents are forced to pay out of pocket for these expensive expenses. Since discovering my sisters eyesight trouble, my family and I have had some hard financial struggles. I had started a small college fund for me, but with my sisters condition I knew my college fund was needed to help with her care.

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