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Insurance is extremely vital nowadays due to the sense of protection it provides for families and owners of basic life necessities that are used everyday. It helps bring confidence and security to someone who owns a house or a car, or even had a family to take care of. To me, insurance not only means a sense of protection for the things I value most in life, but a chance at building a better life for myself, my career, and my future family.

Auto insurance has helped my family in an abundance of ways. Back in 2015, my mother, grandmother, and I all were involved in a three-car accident on the way home from church. All three cars were totaled, leaving us frightened, yet stunned that we escaped the car without any severe injuries. My mother was quite upset due to the fact that her fairly new car was now totaled, and she would have to go through the stress and work of finding a new car that she could afford. Thanks to our auto insurance, it covered a large amount of the expenses my mother would have had to pay for the car, which left our family relieved from stress. We have also kept every car in our family until they were unable to be used or totaled. With that being said, having auto insurance for our older cars has helped us to keep them updated and running in order for us to save money so that we can use it for other purposes. All in all, having auto insurance has saved our family from financial stress and worry, which is important to me because it helps us to move forwards from any unfortunate events with our heads held high.

Though I am young now, my parents have taught me the importance of having certain types of insurance for myself and my future family. Later on in my life, home, health, and life insurance will be very important to me since I will later on want to build a family and provide for them as best as I can. With home insurance, I can turn a house into a home with assurance that my belongings will be protected in the case of an emergency. My family and I have also built a sense of comfort in our home due to the fact that we have home insurance and we are aware that financial aid is always granted to us if something were to ever go wrong.  In terms of health insurance, my children will be the center of my life, thus making me wanting to make sure they have access to any and all medical needs to keep them healthy and happy as they grow up. I also am a strong believer that everyone should have access to health insurance, whether rich or poor, since everyone deserve a chance at living a healthy and fulfilling life.  As I get older, I know that my body will get weaker, thus making me prone to injuring myself. With that being said, owning life insurance will definitely come in handy since I will then have to think about planning ahead for when there might be a severe injury or death within my family. As much as it saddens me to think of anything occurring that could cause a death, it’s always important to be financially prepared if an emergency occurs within my family, or even to myself.  Having life insurance for my grandparents have also helped my family to deal with their passing away a few years ago. Though it was tough to deal with the emotions and sorrow we felt from their passing, there was a sense of security and relief because of their life insurance in terms of the costs of funerals and the other expenses that go along with dealing with a death. All in all, having life and health insurance makes it easier to live every day life with less worries in the case of an emergency, and home insurance creates a sense of comfort and being.

Once again, I believe that having different types of insurance is an amazing and smart idea for everyone.To me, having insurance means something more than a sense of protection. It means a sense of gaining an opportunity to be successful throughout your life with the protection you have over the items you own. When someone has insurance, it helps them to live a stable and functioning life, thus making it easier for anyone to prosper in any way they desire to.

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