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Insurance is important to me for a number of reasons due to past experiences. Growing up as a triplet has always been very costly to my parents. My brother, sister, and myself were prematurely born by about three weeks. This required special care from doctors and nurses which took a toll on my parents. However it was not as grave as it could have been, financially because of the help insurance gave to my parents to get them through the payments. Also in the third grade I was diagnosed with meningitis. I was hospitalized and required lots of medical care to get through it and be healthy again. I had to get a lumbar puncture, which was long needle being punctured in my spine to measure the pressure around my brain and spinal cord. I was then in the hospital for a little less than a week and was treated back to health. Without insurance it could have very well cost my parents a very seemingly insurmountable amount of money and cost them the money they were saving for the other two siblings and my money for college. Another instance of my family benefiting from insurance is when my brother broke his arm. He was at a church camp. They were having a carnival event for the little kids that attended the church. Himself and a staff member of the camp raced in an inflatable obstacle course. It was the end of the race when he was pushed by the staff member, fell and during all of that his arm was thrashed into his leg and it broke. After it broke he passed out from the pain and an ambulance was called. He sent to the hospital and eventually got his arm put into a cast to heal. After all of that it was left to my parents to deal with the bill. It was a very hefty bill but luckily they had insurance to pay for the very expensive ambulance ride to the emergency room. Another instance of the need for insurance is when my brother and I were both born prematurely. We were diagnosed with both having pneumonia. I was first to get it and it was caught early enough that it was not deadly and was treated back to health. Whereas my brother it was almost bad enough to be flown by a helicopter to a hospital down south for an antibiotic treatment. But they luckily caught it before it got too life threatening and was treated immediately in the hospital. Without insurance this could have hurt economically to my parents especially after my Mom birthed three kids from. Another example of insurance helping my parents was when my family lived in Oklahoma. We had just moved there because my grandparents from my dad’s side had kind of forced us to move. This was because they did not sell their old house in Hilmar to my dad so he had to move to Oklahoma where it was cheaper to live and he was guaranteed a job there from them because they felt bad. But after living there for about three months or so, one night our family dog, Peanut, was barking a lot out of nowhere. Eventually my dad got up and went outside to see what it was and saw that our house had caught on fire. My older sister Cheyenne got all three of us out because we were still infants while my Mom and Dad called nine-one-one to get the fire department out to us. When they arrived they put out the fire and we were all safe. We eventually found out that it was a malfunction from the air heater that started the fire. Thankfully our dog had been going crazy or the fire could have been more dangerous. Later we had house repairs which was not very costly to my family due to my parents paying for insurance. The last instance in my life where insurance has helped my family was when my Dad was in Nevada for work. He was driving a car to go to a meeting when an impatient taxi driver got antsy and ran a red light. The taxi driver hit my dad and nearly totaled his car. Without car insurance that he was paying for monthly, it could have been very expensive to repair it. Overall insurance has saved my family more money than it would have been if they did not have it. It is very important to have insurance even if it is a monthly cost that does not seem always necessary. But things do come up and it is unavoidable to have go through accidents. But having insurance can help save money in the long run. So it may not always seem like it is worth it, but it is.

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