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Insurances important to me for several reasons, but the number one reason it’s important to me is because, I couldn’t and I know my family couldn’t afford it if we had any kind of big accident or emergency to occur without insurance to help us stay afloat. Everyone in the United States needs some time of insurance in order to do daily activities like drive to work or drive to get food, other examples of mandatory insurance is health care insurance. Most of the U.S has some degree of health care insurance that is either provided by employer or paid for on their own.

So far, I have had two major cases involving myself where either I, or my parents had to get the insurance company to help us out, because without them we wouldn’t have had enough money to cover the bills or replace the broken items. The first thing that happened was I broke my arm when I was in the seventh grade. I was out at my soccer game when I had gotten hit by an over inflated ball, that was kicked by a large guy. It hit me directly at my wrist causing a clean break in both of the bones in my arm, the ulna and radius. So of course having panicky parents with a child in pain they call an ambulance to get us to the hospital as fast as possible, but the ambulances aren’t something that comes very cheap. So after we finally go to the hospital I got my arm x-rayed and I got put under anesthesia so they could reset my arm.This is also an expensive process to take place, because it is a highly trained doctor resetting the bone very carefully in hope that it doesn’t affect my growth plates in my arm which would delay a growth in my arm later in my teen and adult life. In the end of this long painful process, I believe the final bill was a little over two thousand dollars, which in this case we couldn’t afford without the help of our insurance.

The other thing that happened to me was I got into a car wreck last year and totaled my car. I was going driving slowly through a parking lot when an older gentleman pulled in, faster than he should have, and hit me. He was obviously going way to fast because it spun my car around when he collided with my vehicle. In the end of the process the wreck was claimed to be my fault because I am supposed to yield to the traffic pulling in but he wasn’t there when I was pulling through. Although I had to pay out a 500 dollar deductible, the price of a new car was much more. I was lucky to have a good insurance company so that I was able to replace my car with something even newer and nicer because of the good amount of money they gave me.

I now understand the importance of insurance, but when I become older it will become much more important to me because I will be supporting my family and I need to know that no matter what happens,my insurance will be there for me. The three most important things for me to have for insurance will be home, life, and medical insurance for my family. The reason home insurance will be so important is in case of an emergency such as afire or natural disaster, my home will be replaced, and while it is being replaced I will have a place to stay provided by for insurance company. Life insurance will be very important to have for my family in case my spouse or I were to die so that we would leave enough money to keep supporting the family. You need to be in a good life insurance policy because you want to be sure to leave your spouse with enough money to pay off the house, and put your kids through college and continue life as it has always been when you were there too. Lastly medical insurance is very important because it can cover everything from doctor checkups to major hospital bills. You never know when an accident is going to occur, or someone is going to have a severe allergic reaction and have to go to the emergency room.

This is why it is important to me to have insurance right now as a young adult and will continue to get more important as I get older and begin a family of my own of which I must protect and provide for.

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