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Insurance is a safety precaution. One purchases insurance in the hopes that they never need to use it, but have it there just in case the worst is to happen. It isn’t guaranteed that whatever incident may occur is covered one hundred percent, but, in most cases, can save someone from terrible debt from something that occurred in just minutes or even seconds. Personally, insurance has made a huge impact on my life. Insurance seemed rather pointless to have at the time because nothing bad ever happened, but on April 15, 2015, it proved to be what saved my family financially.

On April 15, 2015, my eldest brother of six years was in a car accident less than 5 miles from our house. I received a phone call from my mother as I was heading back from school 40 minutes away and she said to me, “Trevor has just been in a bad accident and they are airlifting him to Macon.” Seeing as I was pretty far away, I assumed that they would head up to the hospital without me, but sure enough when I got home they had waited for me. We sat in the car in complete silence as we took the 50 minute trip down the interstate to hear the verdict of my brother’s health. Time seemed to sit still but also move at light speed and before I could blink we were there. When we got there they took us to a room while they worked with him to see what they could do and we hoped for the best. I, being the optimistic one, told everyone not to worry and that everything would be fine. Meanwhile, I was shaking in my skin and wondering why his truck had to hydroplane into an oncoming 18 wheeler. After sitting in the waiting room for nearly an hour and a half, the nurse came in to tell us that my brother had passed away. Nothing they could do would be of any use and he would never be heard from again. They walked us back into the room to see him one last time and his skin was pale and body not so much as trembling. It was the only time in my life that the world came to a stop. Devastated and heartbroken we were walked out of the hospital and made our way back home. The heartbreak behind losing someone is enough in its own. I can only imagine what the expenses would have been if we hadn’t had had insurance. The helicopter alone was over $40,000 and then adding on the funeral costs and hospital bills would’ve left my family in a hole bigger than we would’ve been able to climb out of at the time.  We managed to get through this tragedy, but till this day I don’t know if my family would have been able to make it through the sadness alongside the crippling debt, 5 seconds of hydroplaning would cause. Because of the medical expenses being partially taken care of, we were able to put my brother to rest in a nice shaded area of the town’s most thought of cemetery. Each morning the sun is able to rise and peak through the trees to leave just enough light to guide him home. Thinking back and realized what getting insurance has done for my family, I couldn’t imagine living without it. It is a safety net that allows you to stay on your feet, even in the worst situations.

I know that many may believe that insurance, whether its auto, life, health, or home, is just a waste of money, but I’ve been in a personal crisis. I’ve seen how quickly a family can be taken care of. Insurance isn’t there to hurt you or take your money. It is there to make sure you and loved ones are not alone. Insurance companies are there solely to make sure that life does not knock down the little guys who keep the world spinning. Accidents happen and I know that personally I would not be in the same boat that I am in now if it weren’t for my parents investing in protection against the worst. Within months we had managed to get back on track and begin working to make him proud. Insurance didn’t just help us out when we were low on funds. It helped us stay strong as a family and made us realize that we didn’t have to worry about finding ways to make extra money. Because of this, I know that insurance is there for me and helping me when life throws curve balls and hits you with the unexpected.

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