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Insurance.  A word that arouses eye-rolling whenever it is heard.  But many people do not realize what a blessing it is.  How penny for penny it can pay for itself time and again.  How it can save you from being penniless, helpless, homeless and lost.  The cost of a loss can far outweigh the cost of the insurance.  It goes further than mere money, we’re talking about emotional stability and well being.  If it weren’t for life insurance, I wouldn’t even consider being college-bound.  I carry a 4.02 GPA.  I’m what you might call an over-achiever, although I like to call myself “determined to succeed.”

My Grandfather passed away in 2011.  It was a shock to the family.  Totally unexpected and a devastating loss.  He was our rock.  Emotionally and financially.  We had to move, to move my grandmother in with us.  Shortly after that, my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Shortly after that, my grandmother fell and broke her neck.  This was all within a time span of 2 years.  These were trying times.  If it were not for the life insurance that my grandfather had, we may have lost everything.  We were not even aware he had this policy.  Insurance was something we’d never given thought to.  Something we left to others to think about.  Thank God for Grandpa.  As my family was aware of how serious I am about my educational career, it was as important to them as it was to me that these life set-backs did not interfere with my success.  Thanks to the foresight of my grandfather, we were able to afford the necessary help for my mother and my grandmother so that I could continue with my education and devote the necessary time to continue to earn my good grades.

The expenses incurred by both my mother and my grandmothers care took a toll on the monies that were left by my grandfather.  As my senior year came and I started looking into college, I quickly realized just how much it would cost to earn my first degree.  The unfortunate part of our circumstances is that it appeared to the government as though we have earned a substantial amount, and therefore do not qualify for the kind of financial aid we require.  Yet the expense of care for my family, off of paper, does put my family in a position in which aid is necessary.  Much to our surprise, my deceased grandfather comes to the rescue again.  My grandfather was a business owner.  He sold his business shortly before he passed, and was working as a consultant when he passed.  The business, knowing the value of my grandfather and what could happen in the event he passed, had the foresight to purchase a life insurance policy on him as well.  And, just in the nick of time, surprised me with an educational savings plan in my grandfathers honor that would help me get started for my first semester at Michigan State University.  I had been “shopping” for colleges for months.  Attending scholarship summits and competitions, visiting financial aid offices and touring colleges and universities alike.  Trying to take the cost into consideration rather than just my desire to succeed.  I received some scholarship offers from a couple of the colleges I visited, and considered accepting them, but my heart was dying to attend Michigan State University, and I knew that this University could offer me the greatest chances to succeed long term.  Now I knew I could at least afford to put down the deposit and start working toward my goal.

After losing a family member so close, and watching tragedy strike on a few occasions, I see the importance of financial stability even clearer.  Not only is it vital that I work hard to obtain a degree and strive to find my place in the world, but I also realize that no matter how hard you work, if you don’t plan ahead, it can all be taken from you.  I have experienced first hand that insurance is crucial when it comes to life.  I have been a part of a family who was torn apart.  And although the emotional wounds may never heal and physical wounds may leave scars, the financial wounds can heal completely if you’ve prepared properly.  My lesson has been learned and my gained wisdom will be spread to others.  You will never find myself or a member of my family uninsured.  And I will work to make sure others understand the life altering benefits of being insured.

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