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Insurance is important to me because it helps the financial burden that you can take on if you did not have it. For example, my Aunt had breast cancer and without health insurance she would not be here with me today. I do not know the amount of what she had to pay and is still paying for her cancer treatments. I do know that since she is still paying bills from her cancer treatments that without health insurance her and most people could not come up with the money on their own. It seems like only a small number of people qualify for help to pay for their cancer treatments. My Aunt is not rich, both her and her husband work full time jobs, they do not live in a large house, they do not have new cars, they do not take expensive vacations and she did not qualify for help. If she did not have health insurance, I am not sure how far she could have gone in her cancer treatments and I do not think she would be here with me now a year later.

Another example of why insurance is important to me is because if I did not have auto insurance I would have to save up money for accidents. I have noticed that here in Texas, it seems like there are a lot of people driving around without auto insurance. I hear it from friends and in the news. I do not want someone to sue me if I get in a wreck with them. I would not be able to afford another car to go to school or my job if that happened. Most jobs around me pay $8 – $10 an hour. I am a high school senior that takes up most of my day. I have about four hours a day that I can work and need time to study. This limits the hours I can work and amount of money I can save up to pay for an accident or buy another car. I am applying for a college that is two hours from my parents house. I know they would not drive me back and forth to college if I did not have a car. I also see and hear about people needing to get their windshields replaced a lot because of all of the road construction around where I live. I am not sure what it would cost to get my windshield replaced or even repaired if I did not have auto insurance. Auto insurance helps me know that if I get into an accident, I have a small amount to pay then my insurance will take care of the rest. My parents think it is important that our auto insurance has road side assistance. It eases their minds to know that I can call a reliable company to help me out if I get stuck on the road.

An example of why home insurance is important to me is when my parents had to get a new roof put on their house. I didn’t think it looked like anything was wrong to me. They have had to have it repaired a few times and it turned out that the companies they used didn’t do a great job. After a major storm my parents noticed that some shingles were missing. They contacted their home insurance company and they recommended my parents have a few roof companies to come out do an inspection. Their home insurance company gave them a few names of roof companies that they knew would do a great job. My parents found out by all of the roof companies that there was more damage than it looked like. The whole roof needed to be replaced. My parent’s home insurance company also pays for a hotel if they could not live in their home while a repair was being made. My parents said that was good to know if ever needed, but they did not need it this time. The roof company that my parents chose to use worked with them and it cost them one quarter of what it would have cost them if they didn’t have home insurance. My parents were so happy to hear this. In the past they asked friends and neighbors who they know to do roof repairs and those companies did not end up doing the job right. The recommendations from your home insurance company are the best. I would think that those roof companies get paid better from the home insurance company so they can give their best price to those people. If they don’t do a great job, they can get dropped from the home insurance company’s list.

These are a few examples that I have seen the importance of having insurance.

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