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I am currently employed at Rhode Island Hospital and working in the Rehabilitation Unit. I am a certified nursing assistant. Working in the medical field has taught me so much about life. Unfortunately these days nothing in life is free. Despite how bad you may need help or services if you cannot afford to pay for what it is you need then you just do not get it. That is where insurance kicks in. For those of us who were not born with silver spoons in our mouth money is a big deal. Everything in life requires a form of currency and medical expenses are nothing short of that. In an emergency situation the hospital has to treat you and or save your life but after you’ve gotten treated and you’re trying to get your life back in order, maybe even before you leave your hospital bed you will be hit with a bill. Without insurance that bill will be enough to ruin your life. Working in the rehabilitation unit I see that everything is based on insurance. After you are kind of over the hump of treatment and the doctors feel as if you are stable enough you get sent to rehab to build up your strength and of course to adapt to your new lifestyle, depending on each situation. I work closely with my case managers and so I hear some of things that come into play when it comes to admitting a patient into our unit. One of the biggest hassles for a case manager is dealing with insurance. Trying to get insurance to cooperate and or making sure the patient has insurance is a whole job in itself. Often our case managers go and access a patient who will be perfect for the rehab and we get all the way up to right before they get admitted. My job is setting up the room, making sure the linen is all set, making sure they have all the essentials they will need for daily living such as soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, wash basins, mouthwash, etc. After the room is set up I go and wait for the patient to arrive. Typically the case managers say to me, “Okay, we have someone coming just pending insurance.” Of course depending on what it is the insurance says determines whether or not that patient will actually show up. I didn’t realize how important insurance was until I became twenty-five years old and my dad’s insurance would no longer cover me. Before that moment I would go to the hospital and my regular physician for any and every little thing. Any cough or any sign of sickness I would go to see them. It was not until I was cut off of insurance that I realized that you actually had to pay for coverage and how much money actually went into your visits. I was always double covered up until I was cut off of my dad’s insurance. The first time I walked into my doctor’s office and they asked me for a co-pay, I was shocked. I then had to apply for coverage threw my job and I have to pay thirty dollars a week for coverage. I still have to pay a copay sometimes which I kind of still do not understand. I have two different types of coverage for insurance now but it is still so expensive. My daughter is covered threw the state for insurance and there was one time that I did not return paper work on time so they had cut my daughter’s insurance off without notifying me about it. I went to bring my daughter to the dentist office, not realizing she did not have insurance. For some reason the dental office did not know I did not have insurance either so they still saw my daughter for her annual checkup. After I leave the appointment I get a bill in the mail which is the first time I found out that I did not have insurance for her. I was beyond mad because I did not have the money to pay the bill and I would have cancelled the appointment had I know that she was not covered. Things like this happen too often and just make you realize just how important insurance is in our lives. Without insurance medical expenses can easily destroy someone’s life. Bill collectors constantly hounding you and just living in debt is no fun. I am trying to avoid that in school loans, debt that is. I really hope that I am awarded this scholarship.

Thank you for your time.

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