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Why is insurance important to me?  Well, there are many reasons why insurance is important in general. Not just for me but for everyone that is operating an vehicle.

What is an insurance? When I looked it up this is what shows up “a practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium.” This is the basic definition of Insurance, This could vary from person to person, as people lead different lives, But its what they do that keeps insurance companies going. Its not a bad thing that its different for every person but good, that each person can be safe and secure knowing that they have insurance, and they are protected from what may happen.

For me, personally, insurance means a lot.  I like driving and I participate in athletic activities. Having an insurance gives me peace of mind. So I shouldn’t have to worry if I had accidents, While they are bad, Having insurance also gives me security and confidence to continue doing what I like to do which is driving.

Insurance shouldn’t be a negative thing, It shouldn’t be looked upon as a fee you must pay to be safe, think of it more like an supporting structure of your life, something you can always depend on when something happens, A lot of people do not even consider insurance mainly because of the reason that it is expensive, and that they will probably never need it. But these days you never know what is going to happen, With all this chaos it is good to have a stable constant to keep you safe. teenagers especially need insurance since they lead very active lifestyles that can have a lot of risks and dangers.

During high school teenagers participate in many activities like Football, Soccer, baseball, soccer, dance. All these sports have possibilities of dangers.Did you know that many teenagers the first year that they get their license and car, will have be involved in accident or automobile collision,

Since it is common the car insurance rates for teenagers is very high from 17-25 years old and as you get older the prices go down. another disadvantage of not having insurance is if you have a collision you are liable to paying for the other person who does have insurance. Although insurance is pretty expensive, It is way better then not having insurance and getting into an accident and having to pay a huge amount of money. With all the new technology these days with cars that will stop if something walks in front of them and alerting the driver of the presence makes it a lot easier on insurance companies that deal a lot with pedestrian incidents.

Although as new technology comes out there are always new risks appearing, which supports insurance companies, Which is not a bad thing, but it keeps the business going. I have hard many stories about drivers that are uninsured and either the accident is bad or the driver without insurance ends up paying for the damage done to the other car. People think that it will never happen, but studies have shown every, that the average every day person will claim for an automobile collision every 17.9 years..

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