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There are many reasons why Insurance has been important in my life.   I will start with the fact that I started working for a big insurance firm back when I was 18 years old.  I started as a file clerk and was promoted to policy assembly within a short amount of time.  I then was promoted to Lead in that department.  I worked for that company for approximately 2 years when a friend suggested that I try working for an independent agent.  I started working for a State Farm agent in 1989.  There were so many things to learn.  State Farm offers such a wide variety of products such as automobile, fire, life, business and health products.  I have preferred personal insurance over business insurance.  There are so many aspects of insurance that the public are not knowledgeable in and I thoroughly enjoy explaining what these coverage’s mean so that the clients can make an informed decision on what best suit their needs.  Over the course of my time working for 3 State Farm agents (I transferred from the first one due to location, the second on retired and I have worked for my current agent for over 15 years) some of the clients have actually requested that I continue to service their accounts.

Being able to explain coverage in real life situation is what I think helps the public understand insurance better.  That is what people appreciate as well.  They want to be informed and educated.  When I go into a situation such as a refinance of a home, that is not my field of expertise so it is sometimes frustrating.  It helps out so much when the person helping me answers my questions in laymen terms so that I can understand it as well.

I think that one of the most rewarding insurance policies to sell is life insurance.   Although some people are hesitant to buy such a product because it is not required like automobile or homeowners insurance it it just as important.  In my 25 years at State Farm I can clearly remember two such policies that although the reason for payment is tragic in their life it was invaluable for them.  The first was a husband and wife with two children.  Although I sold them the policies when they lived in California, they had recently moved to Hawaii.  One night the husband was involved in a horrific accident.  He was in the vehicle with his daughter and the daughter’s friend.   The daughter was the sole survivor of that accident.  I can remember, them mother of the daughter calling me that morning say that her son in law had been killed in the accident.  He had happened to have purchased a $750,000 Term insurance policy several years back.  I submitted the claim to the company and once the paperwork had been completed (death certificate sent to company), my agent was able to present her with a check that would assist her through life in general while she was healing from this terrible loss.   I remember her saying what a relief it was.  If he did not have that insurance she would have had to return to California with her two children that had already established a life in their new city and live with her parents while her children attempted to go back to school in a whole new environment.   The insurance allowed her to stay where she was and her children were able to return to school with the friends they had already established.    After the death of their father, so many things had changed but their entire lives did not have to be turned upside down.

The second one that I can think of was again a husband and wife, they had one child.  This was actually a family friend. I had sold them a whole life product years ago.  They had recently run into a financial hardship and was no longer able to pay for the life insurance (this is normally one of the first expenses people let go of).  He had unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack approximately two months after they stopped paying their premiums.  Because this policy had a cash value aspect to it, the cash value was paying the premiums and the death claim was paid to the wife.  Although the death benefit was not as high as the first case it was enormously helpful to the wife in helping pay for funeral costs.  This being a family friend I was so grateful that a product I sold them could help them, again not in the best of circumstances.

As I mentioned I have worked in the insurance industry for over 25 years.  Approximately 3 years ago, I decided to finish what I had started 21 year ago.  I want to obtain a bachelors degree in Psychology.  I will be obtaining my AA degree in May of 2017 and would love the opportunity to complete my degree at Channel Islands University.  I also have a 21 year old son who will also be transferring to a university in fall of 2018.  His education comes first and foremost which is why I need to receive scholarship funds to complete my education.

Thank you for taking the time to read my essay and consider me for the scholarship, it is greatly appreciated.

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