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Insurance is important to me in many ways. With the raging costs in health care, insurance is very important for one to seek medical treatment and to be able to pay for medication. Life insurance is very important because the average cost of a funeral is over $5,000. Without life, insurance, a lot of people can’t pay for their loved ones funeral services. Just a simple visit to the doctor’s office is hundreds of dollars but with medical insurance, all you have to pay is a co-pay which is way lower in cost. If there is an emergency and someone needs to go to the emergency room, those costs for treatment are through the roof. With medical insurance, all that comes out of your pocket is the emergency room visit fee. With a lot of people that are senior citizens on fixed incomes, medical and life insurance are very important. A lot of elderly people tend to have medical issues and need some form of medication. Medical insurance is something that is needed to assist them with paying for their medications. The family of an elderly person should have life insurance for them so when they pass away, their funeral and burial expenses can be taken care of. I have seen so many people need a GoFund me page to assist in paying for funerals of unexpected deaths of loved ones. With them not having any life insurance, they did not have the funds to pay for the funeral and burial. When someone applies for a job, it is very important to know what kind of benefits the employer offers. When reading the benefits, one needs to also male sure that those same benefits will cover their immediate family members. Auto insurance is needed legally and for accident purposes. We all know that it is a traffic offense to operate a motor vehicle without any financial responsibility. When an accident occurs, each driver should be able to be confident that there is financial responsibility not only for their car but the other car involved pending who is deemed right or wrong in the accident. There should never be a situation where you are involved in an accident and can’t be financially covered for the damages. There are so many auto insurance companies all over the world that there is no excuse to not have coverage on your vehicle. Home owner and renters insurance is important in being able to replace and recover your things in case of a fire or natural disaster. I remember when the Hurricane Katrina hit in New Orleans and there were so many families that did not have home owner or renters insurance and they lost everything. To make the situation worse, they are not able to recover any of their items or have them replaced due to not having home owners insurance. When someone rents an apartment, it is now mandatory for them to have renters insurance. Renters must now show proof that they have rental coverage prior to finalizing the lease at the place they are renting. When you go and purchase a home, home owners insurance is also mandatory through the leasing agent prior to finalizing and closing on the home. Insurance is so important on so many levels because it covers a person on many levels. Having that extra coverage whether its life, health, dental, vision, rental, home ownership the fact that you have coverage is something to be happy about. We never know when something will happen and we need to be covered. I am not financially able to pay the costs of a hospital stay, so knowing that I have health insurance that will cover that gives me peace. Driving a car knowing that if an accident occurs I am covered and even the other car is covered if I am at fault, gives me peace. If a tornado hits on my home and I know that I have insurance to cover my losses, gives me peace. Insurance is very important and very necessary. A small amount of money from my pockets a month is well worth all the advantages that having insurance gives. Having insurance is something that a person should never think twice about. It takes care of you in the long run and takes care of your family. I highly recommend that everyone have some kind of insurance and to make sure that the career of your choice has good benefits to cover all of these things for you and your loved ones.

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