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Insurance is a huge necessity for all people to have in today’s world. With the high healthcare prices, insurance saves many people because without it, people would not be able to pay their bills. My family has experienced many moments involving health and vehicle damages where we were very thankful we had insurance. Healthcare is a growing field and so is the technology included in it. With higher advanced equipment, hospitals are required to charge more for certain procedures, which can cause a financial burden on many people. Damage to a vehicle can also put quite a dent in a person’s income.

My mother was diagnosed with diabetes while she was pregnant with me. It was bad timing for my family because having a baby has its own large expenses, but thanks to insurance, my family was able to pay for it all and have some stressed relieved. As I grew up, I witnessed how much insulin, shots, medication, and equipment my mom needed in order to keep herself healthy. Being healthy is important to all people, and some people require a lot of medication or assistance in order to be healthy and happy. Insurance helps a lot with medical expenses for many people, but it is still very expensive for people to pay when unexpected health issues arise.

My mom was also diagnosed with stage three breast cancer while I was in high school. It was a very scary and stressful time for my family because of my mom’s health. The amount of money being spent was just an addition to my family’s stress. Thanks to insurance, we only had to pay until we met our deductible, which is still a large about of money to spend when we did not expect it. My mom had to undergo two surgeries and seventeen chemotherapy treatments. We would receive the bills showing how much certain things cost and what our insurance covered. We were amazed at how high the prices were for tings that seemed so simple. My mom had to receive a special shot that cost eleven thousand dollars per shot. The medicine inside her shots and chemotherapy were insanely expensive, but worth the money because they were making my mom healthy again. This was an eye opening experience for me on how important insurance is to us because without it, paying for unexpected health issues would be a huge financial burden for many families.

Insurance also helps pay for dental procedures and appointments. Growing up, I had to have braces to help get my teeth straight and get rid of my over bite. Then, while in high school, I had to go through surgery to get my wisdom teeth removed. Thanks to insurance, my braces and surgery were not as much of a financial burden for my family, like they could have been. There are a variety of insurances that are pretty much required for people today in order to successfully pay for unexpected issues and be healthy.

My family has also experienced moments were we were very thankful for automotive insurance. My family was once in a high impact car accident where our vehicle was totaled. In today’s world, a vehicle is a necessity for most people and losing it can be life changing. Thanks to insurance, people are able to get paid back for the valued price of their vehicle when it is wrecked. Insurance does what they can to help people purchase a new vehicle. My family recently had someone break into our brand new truck by busting out an entire window. Thanks to insurance we were able to have some assistance in paying for the damage.

Insurance gives people comfort when they are going through hard times. Sometime people have so much on their mind that the costs of things does not pop up, but their insurance company has it under control once the claim is placed. Insurance is important to me because it has saved my family during multiple unexpected events. I believe that without insurance people would hold off certain things, like health issues and vehicle damages or malfunctions because they cannot afford to pay for them at the time. Insurance helps the world be a safer place for us all because it makes healthcare and repairs affordable for us.

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