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251 Indiana Ave Valparaiso, IN 46383

About Randall

Raines Insurance Group became an independent agency in 2011. There have been many things that led up to that point, but none greater than the desire to be an agency for the customer. Insurance is often riddled with coverage exclusions and exceptions that are both confusing and specific. What better way to educate and administer insurance for our customers than to build a trust and respect that is expected. I remember a time reading in the newspaper of a family that had lost a loved one. It was a husband, father and a best friend. Had I met this family before, went to college with them, attend the same church, kids are at the same school ..... "does it matter?" I remember thinking. Did I have the opportunity to share what life insurance means to a growing family? How it provides income, stability in a changing family, education/college funding .... Did I do everything I could to make certain that there were choices for this family? The point is we can make a difference. Being able to have a relationship with customers and their families is what we are striving to do. Each and every customer has earned the respect of the agency and myself. Allow our expertise and education and our desire to aid in the planning for your family. With a plan, we can make certain that no matter the course, no matter the situations we can provide choices for every step of the way.

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About Agency: Raines Insurance Group

Raines Insurance Group is a broker for all insurance products. Our main focus is for supporting our community by offering insurance to small and middle sized businesses. We have found that in supporting these businesses we are able to aid in growth and support our community. We maintain an active role in our surrounding communities. We are patrons of our small businesses. Supporting and leading small business growth is a certain strategy. It instills the trust and respect that each business resonates from. Our agency offers complete home, auto, recreational insurance. We also have full lines of life, disability, long term care and health. In our community and surrounding areas, we offer commercial lines of insurance. This would include business property, liability, business autos, workman compensation, bonds and umbrella policies. Don't hesitate to call our office for questions or concerns. It is a no obligations call or appointment.

Mission Statement: Raines Insurance Group will provide a level of excellence that resounds in confidence, trust and the respect that is expected from our customers. The agency will excel in customer service that will make us a leader in the community. Success will be measured by our customers choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of our expertise, service and value.