Erie, PA Auto Insurance

Erie, PA Auto Insurance

Erie is a Pennsylvania city that consists of 101,786 residents (2010), making it the state’s fourth largest city. Residents enjoy outdoor recreational opportunities, many of which are provided by Lake Erie. The most popular attraction is Presque Isle State Park, bringing in over four million visitors each year. Residents of Erie need to consider this factor when considering their car insurance coverage. Drivers who are unfamiliar with roads and traffic intersections may be more likely to be involved in an accident. Those living in the area should speak with a professional independent insurance agent who is familiar with the Erie community. They offer personalized support and assurance that only a local expert can provide to residents.

Erie is connected to the Interstate Highway System via Interstate 90, 79, and 86. These are all major roadways that residents use to quickly connect to other cities. Within Erie, 12th Street, 26th Street, 38th Street, and Peach Street make up the list of the busiest thoroughfares. It is important that residents of Erie take the time to ensure that their car insurance coverage provides quality protection no matter where their daily routines take them. From residential streets to congested highways, a professional independent auto insurance agent understands the auto insurance policy options available to Erie residents and will take time to help them review their options. Those living in Erie should contact their local independent insurance agent today!

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