RV Roadside Assistance from Coach-Net

Roadside Assistance from Coach-Net

You have just become the proud owner of a recreational vehicle, or RV. These motor vehicles or trailers are an excellent way to tour the countryside. You can travel at your own pace, sleep in a bed you own, and cook homemade meals in your kitchenette. Now that you’ve begun this exciting new adventure into RV ownership, you need to consider all the possible options for protecting your assets, including a RV roadside assistance plan.

On the Enhanced Insurance website, you will notice the information available on RV and Motor Home Insurance, Camper Trailer Insurance, and RV coverage through your Home or Car Insurance. In general, these coverage options are there to protect your family against collisions with another vehicle or non-movable property, theft or vandalism of your personal possessions, and injuries to guests while in your RV. These incidents may happen, but it is also likely that you’ll encounter smaller issues, like a dead battery or flat tire. Your insurance may not cover against such events, which is why you should consider roadside assistance from Coach-Net.

Package Options

Coach-Net has been selling roadside assistance to RV owners for almost 30 years. Their package options are divided into two categories: Towable RV and Motorized RV. Each has a Limited, Basic, and Premier plan option with different levels of coverage and services.

Both the Towable and Mobile RV plans come with several key services. Every plan covers the primary roadside assistance needs, including:

  •      Towing
  •      Tire assistance
  •      Delivery of fuel and other fluids
  •      Battery jumpstarts
  •      Unlocking doors
  •      Mobile mechanic services
  •      Winching
  •      GPS positioning

The only differences between plans is that the “Limited” package is restricted to one tow up to 75 miles from the location of the RV, and one other roadside assistance service up to $75 per year. For example, you could get assistance with your blown tire and be towed to a nearby garage. If you need additional roadside service that same year, there will be additional fees.

If you decide to purchase the Basic or Premium plan, your use of the roadside assistance services is not limited. You’ll also have access to additional coverage, such as an RV technical assistance hotline, hotel and motel discounts, and trip planning.

Roadside Assistance Network

With Coach-Net, you’ll never be too far off the beaten path to receive help. They have over 40,000 roadside assistance companies ready to serve you in both the United States and Canada. These providers are trained to specifically support the needs and issues of RVs. Their mechanics have experience working on RVs, and their towing trucks are designed to haul heavier vehicles.

The true advantage to Coach-Net, compared to other RV roadside assistance companies, is that they manage their own provider network. They have created strong relationships with service centers that are authorized to repair or tow your RV. Other companies have subcontract with a third-party company.

Coach-Net Mobile

Now it’s even easier to receive roadside assistance. Coach-Net has created a free app for your Apple or Android device. You only need to enter your membership number the first time you open the application. Then, you simply choose the service you need and hit “Call for Service”. Coach-Net will use your GPS location to determine the available towing and repair companies in your area that can help you.

Join Today

It’s easy to sign up for a plan. Coach-Net will request your name, address, vehicle information, and payment information. If you purchase a three-year plan, then you will receive a discount.

Another advantage to joining Coach-Net is that your spouse and dependent family members (under 25 years of age and living at home) will be added to the membership at no additional charge.


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