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Emergency Transportation Insurance

There are many things that might keep you up at night when planning journeys, of them medical issues can be a nightmare. Finding a solution to protect yourself or your family against the exorbitant cost of emergency transport should be a priority.

You may believe that your regular insurance covers you in all instances. Unfortunately, many insurance policies have serious limitations regarding coverage in both what coverage is available and where it is offered. The fact is whether or not that coverage is available and will cover the entire cost associated with medical transportation is your responsibility

While there are many creative solutions generated to solve many of the issues involved in travel that take you well away from your normal caregivers, it is important to consider these important issues.

Is the plan affordable? Emergency transport coverage is available on either a short term or annual plans. The cost can also be affected by coverage options

Does it cover Medical Evacuation or Repatriation? Making sure you have the ability to receive qualified care often comes down to location. It is very important that the policy allow you to receive quality care in a facility able to provide you with the best chance of recovery/survival.

Is a referral programs available for all the locations you wish to travel in? While having the availability of the treatment is important, knowledge of the provider/physician can be crucial. Having a resource in an emergency situation is critical.

What sort of non-emergency coverage is available? It may be you are not comfortable receiving treatment from an onsite provider and would feel much better about the procedure if it were done in your local hospital. Whether or not you make the decision of what is needed is important

Who is covered on the plan? (What is considered a household?) Most policies allow you to name individuals to the plan. In some case, blanket coverage of your immediate household is included.

How soon does the coverage start? In most cases coverage can start within a few days, depending on the exclusion period.

Who can qualify for coverage? In most cases coverage is available, however certain restrictions can apply.

If you are involved in an accident or experience a serious health issue having the availability of emergency transportation can be a life changer. Answering the question of how you will handle the cost a medical evacuation is not something you need to do at the scene of an accident or emergency. With the correct coverages in place you can reduce that worry.

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