5 Cars with Great Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support for Car

When you buy a car today, you are buying a product that designed for a wide range of customers. The problem is what works for one person won’t work for another. This is especially true about car seats. This article will attempt to rank the five cars with great lumbar support.

Trying to put a number on which is the highest quality of back and lumbar support is a fool’s mission. I would have to have your exact dimensions and weight to even begin the discussion. Throw in a person’s individual preferences like soft or firm, leather or cloth and you have an infinite number of possibilities and opinions.

The answer to which cars are the best would be to visit a dealer and have him select models based on questions he would ask, based on his expertise and experience. What would improve the experience even more would be if he had access to a number of different manufactures, so you could have an unbiased sample.

By working with the expert, you would have a pretty good shot at coming up with a quality car with a comfortable seat you would personally enjoy.

You know it works the same way with car insurance. Many people think that they can judge a product based on price alone. While it might get you a cheap policy, it’s also very possible you might end up with a pain in the butt when you have an accident or claim.

Just like with car seats it pays to have the advice of a professional when purchasing insurance. He can work with you to develop a list of features that you feel you will need and will make your insurance risk comfortable. He can also work with a number of companies to increase your options allowing you to choose the best product for your protection.

Now you may be thinking when do I get my list of 5 cars with the best back and lumbar support. I can give you a list, but remember it is only my opinion. given on an internet site. If you want a professional advice call a local expert like the guy on the upper right corner of this page.

My list of 5 cars with the best back and lumbar support. ( I warned you!)

  1. 1955 Chevy Belair with a bench seat (best dating vehicle ever)
  2. 1963 Rambler Classic with split bench with fold down seats (enough said)
  3. 1987 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (Grey Poupon anyone?)
  4. 2014 McLauren Formula One Car (Just once in my life please)
  5. Any car with Stana Katic in it
Bench Seat

Not Stana Katic, but it would have been cool if it was…

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