Iowa Home Insurance

Iowa, the Hawkeye State, is home to 3,046,355 inhabitants (2010).  The state’s largest city is Des Moines, with a population of 203,433 (2010).  The Missouri River flows along Iowa’s western border, and the state is also the site of a branch of the Mississippi, Union Slough National Wildlife Refuge, and Hawkeye Point, which, at 1,670 feet, is Iowa’s highest point.  Whether they live in Fort Madison, Woodbine, or New Hampton, homeowners in Iowa want to ensure that their house and its contents are safeguarded.  They can do this by maintaining home insurance through a trusted local independent homeowner’s insurance agent.

There are more than 1.3 million housing units in Iowa (2010), and more than 73% are owner-occupied (2010).  The state has over 1.2 million households (2010), and nearly 84% of Iowans have lived in their current home for one year or more (2010).  Whether they want to supplement existing coverage, or buy a homeowner’s insurance policy for the first time, an independent insurance agent will personally guide them through the process.

An independent insurance agent will explain the kinds of home insurance available in Iowa, and the options for coverage best suited to particular residents’ needs.  Iowans can learn about how structures appurtenant to their home, like a shed or garage, along with personal property, such as jewelry, guns, and china, can be protected, depending on a policy’s terms.  With the help of an experienced independent insurance agent, they can purchase home insurance that affords security for their homes, and corresponding peace of mind for Iowa homeowners.


Dates in History (According to National Fire Protection Association)

Mercy Hospital fire kills 41, Davenport 1950

Coast to Coast Hardware fire kills 13 Eagle Grove 1973


In 2013 there were 11 fire deaths per million in the United States.

In 2013 there were 10.3 fire deaths per million in Iowa.


In 2014, according to the National Multifamily Housing Council 8.3% of the State’s residents lived in apartments compared to a national figure of 12.2.

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