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Maternity insurance is not necessarily foremost in most Americans minds. It is something that is only needed a few months out of an entire lifetime. Yet in most cases it can mean all the difference to a mother and infant. It ensures many different things, but chiefly among them, that the mother and infant receive affordable, quality health care pre- and post- natal.

maternity insurance

Maternity insurance is not normally an independent insurance policy. It is added onto a policyholder’s current health care policy. It is considered additional coverage for women who are pregnant or those who are planning on pregnancy in the future. Most insurance companies will suggest a woman purchase maternity insurance regardless of their future plans because in the past it has been hard to get maternity insurance while you were already pregnant. It is considered a pre-existing condition. It also takes some time for the policy to go into effect, possibly denying an expectant mother coverage in the vital, early stages of her pregnancy. The first trimester is considered by many to be the most important in terms of receiving quality prenatal care. Maternity insurance can allow a policyholder to relax and enjoy a pregnancy and the future child, rather than worrying over the potential costs of the birth and associated health costs.

Women without maternity insurance can find it difficult to afford the many different tests and doctors visits that come with a routine pregnancy. Without those routine checkups, significant health problems can arise. Those health problems can actually result in thousands of dollars of potential health care costs that could have been avoided by investing in a maternity insurance policy. This is why most insurance companies will suggest applying for maternal health care well before the time you might have children.

Some insurance companies will let you add on a maternal insurance policy to your existing health policy if there is a surprise pregnancy. This add-on might not cover everything you wish it to, and it may be less than you would otherwise choose for an insurance policy. It is sometimes the only option available for expectant mothers. It would be in the best interest for a woman to check with her health care company about their maternity coverage when shopping around for an initial policy, even if a pregnancy is not in the near future. Uninsured pregnant women more often than not have significant health problems because they don’t have the proper prenatal care.

Uninsured pregnant women most likely will not receive adequate health care and prenatal care because they are worried about the out-of-pocket costs. This can actually result in thousands of dollars of additional costs because of complications associated with the pregnancy. Prenatal care is designed to be preventative medicine as well as taking care of the general well-being of the patient. Any pregnant woman should get maternity insurance because in the end, it will almost always be the less expensive option when it comes to health care. It will also be healthier for the mother and baby. There won’t be the additional stress of worrying about your health care costs during your pregnancy.

There are different levels of coverage for maternity insurance as well. There is inpatient and outpatient coverage that can be extended during the pregnancy if applicable. This is all dependent on what kind of pregnancy you have, and the depth of coverage that you want. The inpatient costs coverage would be the common visits to the OB-GYN and the ultimate hospital costs associated with the birth. The outpatient coverage is typically the pre- and postnatal visits to the doctor. Most policies have a clause for each kind of coverage and provide an umbrella policy that covers the typical costs associated with a normal pregnancy.

Maternity insurance policies vary from state to state but the rate of pregnancy per state is almost uniform across america. Around 13% of women in America who become pregnant do not have health insurance. This is an outrageous number considering the risks associated with pregnancy that can not be detected without standard and accessible health care. The government program of Medicaid will accept a woman who is pregnant. WIC is another federal agency that may provide for pregnant womanThis is a great benefit for those uninsured women because they would otherwise not be able to afford the high costs of pregnancy. The estimated cost of the delivery of a baby alone is $6,000 to $8,000. That is the cost for a typical, low-risk birth. It can be twice that for an abnormal pregnancy. This is only the initial cost of a baby. In the first year of life parents will spend $12,000 on a new baby. Without maternity insurance, the financial stress of having a baby completely overtakes the joy of the new life.

It is important to understand the benefits of maternity insurance. Only 12% of plans in the United States offer maternity coverage without an additional policy. When looking for health insurance, coverage like maternity insurance should be noted and taken as an extreme benefit for that policy. Adding on maternity insurance, although necessary, may be expensive.

With the changes occurring in the American health care market, it has become important to stay up to date on your options as an American. when ObamaCare goes into effect there will be around 9 million women who will now have access to maternity insurance. They will be able to start off their pregnancy with excellent care, increasing the chances that the entire pregnancy will be a healthier experience for mom and baby.

There is also another clause associated with ObamaCare that goes into effect in 2014 that states that insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage on the grounds of pregnancy. It cannot be considered a preexisting condition. This will make getting maternity insurance a simple process for thousands of American women who get pregnant every year without having a policy. ObamaCare has also made it impossible for insurance companies to charge more because you are pregnant. They cannot adjust the premiums on your current health care policy simply because you are pregnant. This is huge for many Americans who are hit with unsuspecting fees upon realizing they are pregnant and are in need of the subsequent health care services.

There are many different services that are available through maternity insurance coverage that are not necessarily vital to a healthy pregnancy, but should be taken under consideration.  Testing for STDs, Rh blood typing and antibody testing, anemia screening, UTI screening, and testing for gestational diabetes are all covered under most maternity insurance programs. These tests are an example of preventative maternity care. With the knowledge they provide the health care provider can give better care to the expecting mother and baby. More basic needs, like prenatal vitamins are also covered under maternity insurance.

One thing that can really help with the stress of a new baby is a breastfeeding consultant. Many different maternity insurance policies provide coverage for breastfeeding counseling and equipment. This can mean a world of difference for a new mother after birth. The support that maternity insurance provides for a new mother and father has results that can’t be simply calculated by monetary means. There is a lot to say for the sense of security it offers those parents. The local state health department is a great resource for finding insurance companies that support their clients with excellent maternity insurance.

Another resource that is available for most mothers is a community health center that could provide coverage and support, in many cases free of charge. Planned Parenthood also offers advice, resources, and some health care for expectant mothers. These options are available for mothers so that they can be the healthiest and best person for their new baby.

The cost of pregnancy depends on where you live, where you receive your care, and what your current health insurance is. For most any American the cost can be substantial. It is definitely worth the cost for a healthy experience and a happy baby, but there are ways to get support with the payment of those costs. Childbirth is the number one reason for hospitalization in America. Birth is something that happens every second in America and it is important to recognize the value of good maternity insurance.

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