Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health InsuranceEven the most active runners, dancers, and swimmers know that something as fleeting as the common cold can keep them from exercising and feeling their best.  However, a more serious problem, like broken bones from a fall or car accident, a serious illness, or the development of a chronic condition, can affect even the most physically fit.  Whether a person is a professional pitcher taking out insurance on their arm, or a factory employee with company insurance, everyone needs to have reliable individual health insurance in order to protect their wellbeing. To make sure that costs for care and treatment can be covered in the event of an ongoing sickness or injury, individuals should make sure that they trying to stay healthy, exercising, and have adequate insurance in place.  An experienced independent health insurance agent will help them find the right policy.

Of the more than 307 million inhabitants of the United States (2011), health expenditures per capita are $6,815 (2009). Hospital care accounted for more than $2,400 of the total expenditures (2009), while $1,650 was for physician care and clinical services (2009), and close to $1,000 for prescription drugs and other non-durable medical products (2009).  The average monthly premium for individual health insurance in the United States is $215 (2010), although 16% of United States residents do not have health insurance (2011), and ten percent of children are uninsured (2011).

An independent insurance agent, familiar with the factors that are significant to consider when choosing individual health insurance, can serve as a trusted advisor.  She can discuss the available options for coverage afforded by policies form a number of different insurers, and, based on factors like a person’s health and wellness history and anticipated future care needs, recommend the proper policy.

In the course of meeting with individuals interested in purchasing a health insurance plan, a local independent insurance agent will likely ask about their health concerns, along with the health status of their close family members.  She will also want to know about any prior injuries or illnesses an individual has experienced, whether they smoke, any prescription drugs they take regularly, and if they have any children under age 26 who are not on an employer-provided health insurance plan and may need coverage.  An independent insurance agent will use these and other similar elements to evaluate the options for health insurance suited to a particular individual.

Nearly 24% of United States residents are under age 18 (2011), but over 13% are age 65 or older (2011).  Whether they are starting their first job, or preparing for retirement, it is never too soon to consider purchasing individual health insurance coverage.  By reaching out to a seasoned independent insurance agent, individuals interested in buying health insurance can gain an understanding of what is covered under a typical policy, including preventative services, such as vaccinations and tests for high blood pressure, or diabetes, along with the exclusions and limitations usually included in the terms.  They can get answers to their questions about monthly premiums, in- and out-of-network providers, and coverage for specific kinds of care, and find out about optional coverage that can be purchased, such as for cardiac screening tests and certain medications.

Securing an individual health insurance plan through a licensed independent insurance agent means that routine visits to the doctor, along with more serious treatments, like a surgical procedure, or physical therapy, can be covered.  With health insurance through a local independent insurance agent, individuals can rest assured that in case of an unanticipated ailment, they can avoid the financial burden imposed by outstanding health care bills.

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