The Evolution of Health Insurance

The Evolution Of Health Insurance

We’ve come a long way since the time when health insurance was avoiding eye contact with anyone carrying a sword.

People died young in those days.

That was because they insisted on making eye contact with those carrying swords.

Once people stopped making eye contact with those carrying swords, people stopped carrying swords. This caused people to live longer.

Those who lived by the sword, died by the sword. The rest of the people found that they needed health insurance.

Health insurance is what allows one to be ill at ease.

Health insurance is something that is with us all of our lives. It’s a recurring theme, like a spicy burrito.

Each of us needs to make the effort to examine health insurance policies and their coverages. It’s not something we look forward to. Look at the ancient Mayans. They meant to do that. They intended on putting it on their calendar, but never got around to it.

No kind of insurance is in the news more than health insurance. It’s difficult to sit long in a café without the topic of health insurance coming up.

I love small-town cafes, but they can be part of the misinformation highway.

For instance, I stopped at a small-town cafe where I was to meet a man I didn’t know. I needed help identifying him.

Daniel Day-Lewis would play me in the movie as I asked the waitress if she was acquainted with the folks patronizing the eatery.

“I know more than half,” she grunted.

“Then you’re the one I need to talk to,” I said.

“Now that I think about it,” she added, “I’m willing to bet that I know more than all of them put together.”

Eating good food doesn’t make us experts. Despite what we are told, nobody knows too much.

Medicare, group insurance, health insurance for the college student who decided to make a career out of being a college student. What to do before you become old enough to get Medicare. Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplements, Medigap policies. Medicare Part D for drug coverage. Health insurance is not an easy thing to wrap a mind around because it’s not offered at the fifth-grade level.

This just in. For those of you who spent the last 65 years living under a rock, you are eligible for Medicare.

Now what do you do?

Do you want to become an expert and know too much?

It might not be a good idea to see how health insurance sausage is made.

Thinking about health insurance long enough can ruin your health.

The key to good health is diet, exercise, genetics, good luck, and excellent health insurance.

I sing a song that includes the line, “Born free, my uncle is a doctor.”

I sing it, but it wasn’t true. I’m not the only one who does such things. The Beatles sang songs that were inaccurate, too. So did the Rolling Stones and Garth Brooks. My family paid cash for me and they paid retail. My father kept the receipt for my birth in case he wanted to return me.

I try to eat right. My wife says that chocolate comes from cocoa. Cocoa comes from a tree. That makes chocolate a plant. My wife claims that chocolate is a salad. We eat a lot of salads.

Health insurance is important and like many important things, it’s incredibly complicated.

You can get your insurance without the use of an agent. That sounds good doesn’t it? You can do it, but is it a good idea? It’s like replacing that rear leaf spring shackle and bracket on your Chevy or installing a new motherboard in your old computer. It sounds like a good idea until you try doing it. We find ourselves quickly over our heads. Figuring out what kind of insurance we need is as comfortable as taking a bath in a tub full of catfish.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking how hard could it be? It’s coverage for accident and sickness. It’s pretty simple, right?

Deductibles, coinsurance, copayments, coverage limits, exclusions, out-of-pocket maximums, in-network providers, prior authorizations, explanation of benefits, annual enrollments, doughnut holes, insurance exchanges, preferred provider organizations, health savings accounts, benefit periods, and much, much more. Have a headache yet?

If you think you know what all those mean, you’re wrong.

I love “The New Yorker” cartoons. I remember one in which a doctor is talking to a woman, who is looking as nervous as a sword swallower with the hiccups, about her hospitalized husband. The doctor said, “He was doing well at first, but then he began drifting in and out of health coverage.”

Don’t drift in and out of health coverage.

There is no warranty coverage on humans.

Our expiration rate is 100 percent even if we cover our bodies in bubble wrap.

Just like buying a car, we want value and reliability in our health insurance. The difference is that we spend more time looking for a car than we do looking for health insurance.

There is an easy way to make life simpler.

Find a good independent insurance agent. A good agent is more than just someone who doesn’t spit as much as a baseball player. A good agent is one who will help you travel the complicated maze that is health insurance. A good agent is a GPS who leads you to where you want to be.

There are many people who are important in our lives. One of them is a good insurance agent.

Two of the keys of happiness are to find a good independent insurance agent and to avoid making eye contact with anyone carrying a sword.

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Al Batt is a writer, speaker, storyteller and humorist. His outlets range from a number of radio stations to Bird Watcher's Digest and the Chicken Soup For the Soul series. He even writes popular cartoon strips that are syndicated nationally. Al was also a successful insurance agent for quite a number of years.

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