Question: What is Supplemental Health Insurance?

Answer: Supplemental health insurance is additional or extra insurance purchased by an individual who already has an existing healthcare plan. Supplemental policies help to offset medical costs that are not covered under the primary plan.

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4 comments on “Question: What is Supplemental Health Insurance?

  1. My husband and I have Medicare as our primary and Cigna as our secondary, although they work differently for us. His secondary doesn’t cover everything at 100%, whereas mine does. I am looking to get a supplemental insurance to cover what his secondary doesn’t, as it adds up sometimes to be quite costly. Am I able to get another individual poicy, a supplemental policy with Cigna? If not, where do I look to get that kind of coverage, a third insurance? I am also looking to get more coverage for dental and eye care, as the plans we have don’t cover everything anymore like it used too.

    Thank you.

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