Farm Family Insurance

Farm Family InsuranceFarm family insurance is a specific type of farm insurance targeted towards policyholders who live and work on their farm property. They have a lot invested in the property and whatever rests on that property. It is essential for a family-run farm to have protection against anything from natural disasters to human errors. Many different kinds of policies are sold that could fall under the broader term of farm family insurance. It was one of the first types of insurance in America and continues to be the basis for most of the insurance companies in the Midwest states.

Farm family insurance combines elements of personal or household insurance with that of a farm or ranch insurance policy. It is designed for those families and groups that live on their farm property and spend most of their day there. There are different elements that make up the policy and coverage. The insurance company tends to tailor a policy to meet the needs to the individual policyholder. The farmer and landowner can choose to insure certain aspects and possessions on their farm. For example they can choose to insure a combine but not the drainage system. This is based on personal preference and prioritizing your belongings.

Perils Covered

Barn Fire PerilsMost farm family insurance policies have coverage for specified perils. The policy will specifically state that they cover damages due to certain events. Most policies mention coverage for damage from fire, lightning, windstorms, hail,smoke, vandalism, collision, explosions, or riots. Most policies also cover damage to vehicles on the property. Usually a farmer will choose to insure a vehicle through their farm family policy if it essential for the proper functioning of the farm. Some farmers own an aircraft that they use for their farms. This can be covered under their policy if specifically mentioned. The premium payments will be affected by the number of possessions covered, but in the end the insurance policy will be worth the cost because it provides financial security in the face of disaster.

The specifically mentioned perils can and will cause damage to the property on a farm. Most farm family insurance policies cover the main dwelling. Additional coverage can be added on for secondary structures, such as a barn or shed. Some of these structures can be worth as much if not more than the home on the property and must be insured to provide financial security for the farmer. They are also the more susceptible structures on a farm. Fires can consume a barn in minutes because there are usually no active fire alarms like there would be in a home. There is also an option to have coverage on rental properties that are owned for the farm.

In addition there are expensive pieces of machinery that most farmers either rent or lease. They are covered under some farm family insurance policies. Especially if they are stored on the property. In the event of a disaster like a fire, or earthquake the destruction or damage of that machinery is covered under the policy and the enormous cost of replacement can be offset. These are usually covered in basic farm family insurance policies but it is important to check the specific coverage on your policy so that you aren’t caught unawares when disaster does strike.

Livestock Coverage

There are additional add ons to a policy for livestock insurance that is usually included at no charge if requested. That includes damage from an attack by wild animals or dogs, although sheep are not protected by this coverage. Accidental drowning, or shooting is also covered by most farm family insurance policies if requested. The cost from an animal being electrocuted is also covered under the insurance policy. Animal mortality insurance is suggested if the farm has a lot of expensive livestock, but for a more cost-effective solution, family farm insurance is a good option for protection. It shouldn’t affect your premiums to add this coverage on. It is important to protect your costly possessions any way possible, and some animals can cost thousands.

For farmers that want additional coverage above and beyond the basic farm family insurance policy, they might have to settle for a higher premium. Limited coverage is available for most any mishap that could happen on a farm. Animal collision is covered. There is also protection for livestock semen or frozen embryos. This could be essential to a livestock farm that specializes in breeding. That product can be very expensive and valuable to farmers. They have to have protection in the event of any mishap that can happen in transit to the product.

Other kinds of farmers can seek protection for damage from a fire on growing grain. An entire season’s crop could go up in flames and all the profit with it. Farm family insurance protects farmers’ income in the event of a catastrophe. This can be invaluable when you are dealing with the stress of a fire or natural disaster. There are options for crop protection that covers insect damage and other forms of destruction. A bad season could ruin a farmer’s livelihood and keep them in debt for years to come. There are certain policies that are flexible enough to offer seasonal coverage for their clients. In an effort to keep cost down this might be the best option for farmers who do most of their business in one season.

Dairy farmers can get protection for damage to refrigerated milk. They need to have protection for their product in transit. It could easily get spoiled without the proper refrigeration. The entire shipment could be ruined and cost the farmers thousands. Technically the milk is a dairy farmer’s crop and should be protected from damage. With the protection of a family farm insurance policy, farmers will be able to rest a little easier knowing that if a mishap does happen in a shipment it won’t mean financial ruin. They can get a specialized policy that covers their dairy in transit, or they can settle for a blanket coverage policy that covers most farm products.

Liability Coverage

Farm family insurance can also help protect farmers against accidents that happen on their property. Liability coverage is available to help out with accidents like injury, and the subsequent medical expenses. There is also coverage for property damage that the policyholder is responsible for. These are add-ons to a typical policy that could pay off in the long run. As a policyholder you can choose what is covered in most any policy. Mentioning specific coverage is a luxury that keeps cost down. The farmer can choose to insure a drainage system while leaving out coverage for old machinery. This flexibility in coverage allows for the most cost-effective policy while still providing great coverage.

The great thing about family farm insurance is that it supports farmers through tough times. A policy could potentially pay for the cost of replacement of a home that was destroyed at up to 125% of the cost of the original home. The stress of the loss of your home is hard enough without thinking about the cost of replacement. It is important for that insurance coverage to be there so that a farmer can rest a little easier knowing they will have support from their insurance agent.

Crop Insurance

There is another insurance policy option for farmers. They can get crop insurance that protects what grows on their property. There are two different kinds of insurance, crop-yield and crop-revenue. Harvested crops like grain and corn need to be insured on a farm policy. If they aren’t insured it could be a potential disaster for the farmer. Crop insurance policies are typically an additional policy separate from the farm family insurance policy.

There are many large insurance corporations devoted to providing farm insurance. It is what many of those companies were built upon. The purpose of family farm insurance is to provide support to small farmers who are trying to survive in a high-risk industry. The insurance policies are invaluable because they offered more than financial support. They offer peace of mind and the ability to concentrate on the farm rather than the potential risks involved.

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