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Dairy FarmingDairy farms can be filled with the sounds of hens clucking in their coops, a rooster crowing at dawn, or cows mooing as they graze. Unfortunately, at other times, a dairy farm can be the site of an injury to a worker, an unforeseen animal death, or the theft of farm equipment. To protect their operations in the event of a loss or claim, like other business owners, they need to have a dairy farm insurance policy.

For dairy farmers in different regions, and with different sized farms, their business insurance needs may vary. Fortunately, an experienced independent insurance agent will guide dairy farmers of all scopes and backgrounds in choosing a policy that fits their particular farm. She can assist dairy farmers in buying new coverage, or adding on to their existing policy.

Dairy Farming InsuranceWhen meeting with a dairy farmer, depending on how much they already know about typical policies, an independent insurance agent might describe the kinds of commercial farm insurance available, and what is usually excluded from coverage. She will make sure that dairy farmers buy the basic commercial insurance coverages that they need, including general liability insurance, building and property insurance, and workers’ compensation coverage. She will also discuss inland marine insurance, crime insurance, and commercial auto insurance coverage, subject to the requirements of a particular farm.

An independent insurance agent contracts with a number of business insurance providers, so she has knowledge of policies offered by each one. She can discuss these with dairy farmers and review the terms of the various options to ensure that they are buying adequate coverage, and that they understand their policy’s provisions and limitations.

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For dairy farmers in particular, a seasoned independent business insurance agent will probably mention that they might want coverage for an accident caused by an animal at the farm, along with insurance for the death of an animal caused by a car, truck, or train, or if an animal is unintentionally shot. She may also mention options for insuring hay and farm vehicles.

Also, although it happens in rare circumstances, an independent insurance agent may suggest that dairy farmers buy insurance that provides coverage in case they face an animal cruelty claim. She can discuss the options for coverage in detail, so that dairy farmers understand the risks that primarily affect their operations, and the best ways to address them through their insurance policy, and other mitigation techniques. Also, she can talk about OSHA requirements, safety manuals that dairy farmers should have on hand, and the importance of having insurance coverage for tractors and other farm equipment.

By contacting an independent business insurance agent, dairy farmers can find out more about commercial insurance in general, and about specific kinds of coverage that they might not have purchased on their own. An independent insurance agent has experience working with dairy farmers, ranchers, and other professionals in the agribusiness industry, and she understands how coverage works, how rates can vary, and the nuances of policies provided through different insurance companies. She will guide dairy farmers in selecting a business insurance policy that lets them worry less about the impact of a claim against their farm, and more about tending to their cattle, chickens, or turkeys.

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