In order to ensure your family is financially safe, there are important measures that need to be taken. This will definitely involve changes in your lifestyle. These changes may be simple, but applying them can make a huge and positive difference to your family’s financial situation. It is very vital to develop a habit of meaningful saving. You should however understand that saving money for your family does not mean it has to be about extreme deprivation of family quality time. All you may have to do is to make minor changes and learn how to save more. It is also highly recommended to ensure that your whole family has appropriate insurance coverage.

The following are five great tips for managing family finances with their brief explanations showing how they can help you minimize financial stress at your home.

  1. Ensure your entire family is insured

It is very important to ensure your entire family is covered by insurance. People, especially those in their 40s, need plenty of life insurance since they have young children and the costs of day care which could go higher if a spouse passes away. It is very difficult for many people to have enough money saved for taking care of their family if one of the spouses passes away, especially if there is no life insurance. Many think that their insurance policies cover them appropriately. They however come to discover that they are not covered after a disaster. This implies that you should ensure to check your home insurance, health insurance, your auto insurance as well as your life insurance policies so as to ensure you have the correct coverage. It is also advisable to check your disability insurance and be sure your family is covered. Check whether there is any other insurance coverage needed by your family and ensure that you are always covered.

  1. Establish your cash reserves

Establishing an emergency fund is another very key aspect in financial planning for your family. It may not be regarded as a fundamentally critical tip but it will definitely have a great impact on your daily life. Everyone in life faces unexpected events which are costly such as a job loss, a leaking roof or maybe a costly car repair among many other emergencies. For you to have peace of mind, you should set aside a given amount from your monthly earnings to the emergency funds. It is recommended to have 3 to 6 months of your usual income in a savings account which should be liquid and safe. The account should also have savings for your planned expenses. Thus, if you have plans of maybe renovating your house in a few years, you should be setting money aside for your project in your savings account. There is no provided specific amount of cash that you are supposed to have, but it is vital to prepare for any costly family emergency by having this saving habit.

  1. Reduce your debt

In case you have medical bills, credit card debt or student loan debt, eliminating the debt should be among your priorities if you plan to achieve family financial safety. By eventually eliminating the debt, it allows your income to be directed into savings and future investments. For credit card debts, it is recommended to work on eliminating the debt as quickly as possible. In case your debt is a student loan, you should ensure to check is it is tax deductible depending on your tax plan. If it is not deductible, the debt should also be paid off as soon as possible. Check the interest rates on the student loan or on your credit cards and find out whether you can find lower rates. For financial safety within the family, if your debt is huge, you should use all the available funds to eliminate the debt and do away with it. If the debt is relatively small, then you should pay it off using a small percentage of you monthly savings to pay the debt off. Staying debt free is a great way of establishing financial stability within your family.

  1. Save for your kid’s college tuition

Saving college tuition is a very important exercise which you need to start as early as possible. Some may start saving their kid’s college tuition depending on the age they have attained. It is however advised to start the saving as early as after the birth of your kids. You may begin with a small amount and hopefully you may increase the amount of the saving as your income increases over time. Families should have a rational conversation about how to reduce college expenses like choosing a state school instead of a private college, carrying out military service or doing community college for the beginning two years and followed by 2 years at a 4-year university course. In case you are in 40s and the kids are almost going to college and you have not saved much for your retirement, it is not wise to pay for all of the college expenses. In this case a good solution for your family’s financial stability is to have the kids paying some of the costs by working during the college years. Overall, the best thing to do is to begin saving the college tuition as early as you can.

  1. Spend less than you earn

For financial progress within your family, you have to spend less than you earn. Plans such as interest free loans, lines of credits and credit cards have somehow made it easier to spend more money than you have actually earned. This seems like putting down a deposit on a given item and paying off installments so as to fully pay for your goods and take them home. A clear sign that your expenses are more than what you earn is when you are unable to fully pay for your credit card at end month. Spending less than you earn is a great and simple way of ensuring your family is headed to financially stability.


Building up financial stability in your family does not have to involve extreme changes or steps. Instead, simple and small methods can create a huge difference if followed well. It might be a little challenging getting used to the changes required but the above simple tips will offer you great guidance in becoming a better financial manager for your family. Apply the simple tips appropriately and you will definitely achieve financial safety for your family.

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