How Do I Qualify for Discounts on My Auto Insurance?

How Do I Qualify For Discounts On My Auto Insurance

How do I qualify for discounts on my auto insurance? Whether you are a bachelor, owning just one car to get you to and from work or if you are a family who has several vehicles to insure, auto insurance policies are a necessity. The insurance protects you from high out-of-pocket auto repairs in the event of a car accident, but the monthly fees can be expensive.  Fortunately, there are a variety of discounts that drivers can qualify for to lessen their monthly fees while still getting the coverage for their vehicles.  Discounts are available in a variety of categories from safe driving discounts, club and organization discounts and other financially related discounts. When sitting down with your local independent auto insurance agent it is important to ask about any discounts.  The independent agent is aware of the discounts offered by her various companies and will match you with the most favorable pricing.

Similar to homeowners’ insurance policies, auto insurance polices offer discounts for bundling your auto insurance policy with your homeowners’ insurance policy. The discount is available to anyone who purchases multiple insurance polices from the same insurer. The more kinds of insurance that one bundles, the higher the discount will be. For some companies this will include life policies.

Similar to bundling various types of insurance with one insurer, there is also a discount available for insuring more than one vehicle with the same insurance company. Not all insurance companies offer a multi-car discount, but some do. In some cases it can be cheaper to insure two cars than it is to insure one. Though that instance is rare, for families looking to insure more than one vehicle, they should ask their local independent auto insurance agent about a multi-car discount to see how much it could save them.

Other kinds of auto insurance discounts promote safe driving. A defensive driver discount is available to drivers who take defensive driving courses. For insurance companies that offer this discount, it can save as much as 10 percent of a auto insurance premium. Similarly, drivers may also qualify for a good drivers discount for being a good driver. If you have no accidents or speeding tickets, the insurance company may give you a discount on your auto insurance policy, but some insurance policies do not factor this in, and instead factor this in when they calculate the base quote. Insurance companies all have different definitions of what qualifies as a “good driver,” making important to ask you local independent auto insurance agent how they can save money the best with a good driver discount.

Other companies will provide discounts for theft protection devices or good student discounts.

For people who do not drive their vehicles frequently, you may qualify for a low mileage discount. The logic behind a low mileage discount is that the less someone drives the lower their risk of getting in a car accident, costing the insurance company money. If you have recently changed jobs, or moved closer to your existing one, make sure to contact you independent insurance agent to se if your estimated weekly mileage may make you eligible for this discount. Ironically some companies charge more for drivers who rarely drive, on the theory that they will become less able to react quickly or otherwise drive their vehicles properly.

Lastly, drivers may qualify for discounts for being part of certain clubs, organizations and military services.  When shopping around for an auto insurance policy, drivers can ask their local independent auto insurance agent about all of the existing discounts to find a policy that is most affordable to the driver. The agent has the knowledge of these discounts and knows which insurance company offers which discounts. They are there to help local drivers save money and insure their vehicles to the best of their ability.

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While the majority of people want an agent involved in their purchase of insurance, many people want to see if they can save money by buying direct from the insurance company. Others want to try a direct quote to make sure the premium they’re now paying through their local agent is fair. If you want a quote for your coverage, click on the competitive quote button on the right side of this page.

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