Can My Child Support Affect My Driver’s License?

Can My Child Support Affect My Driver's License

Can my child support affect my driver’s license? If you are paying child support and depend on your vehicle to get you to and from work, then it is very important to keep up with your payments, because if you fail to do so it may affect your driver’s license. The law says that people who fall behind on their child support payments can be contacted by the Child Support Recovery Unit, who has the right to suspend, revoke, not issue or not renew the license until payments are caught up on.

If you are a few months behind on your child support payments the Child Support Recovery Unit will send out an official notice of potential license sanction. This is meant as a warning, and will be done before the police is involved. If you receive this notice then you will have 20 days to make a written request for a conference. If you make this request within the allotted period your license will be fine until you have had your conference.

The conference is meant to discuss and decide whether or not the decision to suspend you license is justified. The Child Support Recovery Unit will check to see how much child support is owed and whether or not they had made any mistakes. If no mistakes were made in their calculations the Child Support Recovery Unit will proceed to take away the parent’s driver’s license, issuing a certificate of noncompliance to the Department of Transportation.

To receive a certificate of noncompliance there are a few things that the parent needs to fail to do. The things that can get the DOT involved include: if the parent falls three months behind on their support payments and does not respond to the notice of potential license sanction within 20 days; if the parent fails to provide the facts needed to set up a payment agreement; the parent fails to comply with the agreement, or the parent asks for a conference, but fails to appear.

If the conference ends in a payment agreement, then the license suspension will be postponed as long as the child support payments get caught up. The agreement will be based partially on the parent’s ability to pay, meaning that the payments may not be as much as the original child supports payments. If the parent does not keep up with the agreed upon payments, then the Department of Transportation will be contacted and the parent’s license will be suspended.

A license suspension can be challenged in court. If a hearing is given, then the license will remain active through the sanction process. If the Child Support Recovery Unity made a mistake, then the sanction will be lifted, if the court does not see a mistake then the license suspension will continue.

In summary, it is important to keep up with child support payments if you depend on your driver’s license. If you do receive a sanction it is important to ask for a conference and to cooperate through the process. A payment agreement can be decided upon, which can keep you on the road and help you get back on track with your child support payments.

Further failure to pay child support could adversely impact credit scores which cold raise your premium.

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