Emergency Medical Transportation

Emergency Medical Transportation

Travel can be invigorating. Just a change of scenery can make life more interesting. However, travel also comes with a certain degree of peril. Strange surroundings increase your chance of becoming injured or ill, as does new and odd food and increased physical activity such as hiking. That’s why you should consider your emergency medical transportation options.

About half of all travelers abroad will become ill or injured during their trip.

Even traveling to domestic locations could result in you needing quick and sure transportation home for care.

According to the 2009 National Safety Council Injury Facts, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of accidental deaths in 47 of the 50 states.  Further, they cause 2.3 million disabling injuries every year.  The top two leading causes of ER visits every year are falls . . . and then automobile accidents.

When you travel you might feel more secure if you know that you have insurance that will pay for emergency medical transportation so that you will access to your regular doctor and a team of specialists and can be surrounded by your family and friends.

Basic health insurance may not be enough

Many travelers believe that their basic health insurance will pay for their care while on their trip.  However, many health insurance plans are limited to a specific health insurance network, and provide limited coverage outside of that network.  Further, many basic health insurance plans won’t cover outside of the geographic United States.

Most plans won’t pay for the costs of bringing a relative to your bedside to provide care and comfort.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Traveler’s Health reports:

  •          Auto accidents are the leading cause of injury to U.S. citizens causing emergency transportation home.
  •          Injuries to travelers are the leading cause of preventable death.
  •          Trauma centers located in rural areas are mostly non-existent in foreign countries.

Language can be a barrier in a foreign land when it comes to arranging transportation to the nearest medical facility . . . and sometimes the injured traveler isn’t up to the task.

Up front payment in cash is often required before many overseas hospitals treat an ill or injured person. Going home for medical care that is covered by insurance might be the only economically viable options.

Further, you might not have complete confidence in the medical knowledge of physicians in a foreign country although many are highly trained and extremely competent.

A solution: an emergency transport service

By enrolling in an emergency transport service plan, you can travel away from home with more confidence.  You won’t have to dealing with complex decisions and financial considerations for transport that may accompany a challenging event . . . at a time when you’re least able to cope.

A single phone call to a 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year emergency transport service can put a vast network of resources in motion.  The service providers are experienced, certified medical professionals. They have access to multilingual skills can help with the communication challenge.

Should appropriate medical care not be available at your location, they can arrange transport for you to a care facility in the United States, or at the nearest hospital that meets their established guidelines.

Other reasons to consider an emergency transport service:

If you are physically unable to drive your vehicle an emergency transport service can arrange for your car to be returned to your home.

If you lose your luggage, passport, or other important documents an emergency transport service can assist you in locating and replacing those items, even offering interpreter services.

Should you have children with you on your trip and can’t provide care due to injury or illness, the emergency transport service will escort them home.

An emergency transport service can even return mortal remains should that become necessary.

Should you be at home and find that your local transportation needs require emergency medical transportation, this service will step forward.

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