Courtney C

Insurance is important to me for two big reasons. The first reason is because I would not have my father in my life if it wasn’t for health insurance.  During my freshman year of college (not even a full year ago) my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 bladder and prostate cancer. While I was ten hours away at college, my parents were in the hospital while my dad was getting biopsies and tests done. I finally reached out to my parents with a brilliant idea, the Cancer Treatment Center of America. Thankfully, in November of 2015, my parents flew to Chicago, Illinois to Cancer Treatment Center of America to get a second opinion. Pause- all expenses paid for by insurance, including airfare, food, hotel (7 nights), and hospital stay. They called me and told me that my dad would be having surgery the Monday before thanksgiving and I needed to come up because it was a highly risky surgery. I drove the 15 hours from NC to IL in a foot of snow just to stay with my parents during this difficult time. The best part; we got a meal allowance that allowed us five dollars for breakfast and seven dollars for lunch and dinner. It was financially a burden for my parents to be off work, and to this day we are still struggling to get back on our feet, even with me working full time to help out. Having insurance allowed my dad to have this five hour surgery, meal allowances, round the clock care, etcetera, all while being able to pay the bills at home with our savings. In December he was able to go home, but recently (last Monday, August 15th) my dad had his six month check up in which they told us that the cancer has spread and that it was not cured like they thought just by removing the bladder and prostate completely. We have no idea what the next step is in our plan but we do know that our blue cross blue shield insurance has kept my dad healthy and well for the past six months and I will never regret recommending the Cancer Treatment Center of America to any and all people.

Another reason that insurance is very important to me is because I used to be a cheerleader and I had a teammate whose house burnt down while nobody was home. They had home owners insurance and because of that they were able to replace all of their necessities without having to pay anything out of pocket. They used State farm insurance and although their personal belongings were ruined, they were able to find another place to live. They were not homeless for long, or without clothes and the bear necessities. This means a lot to me though because their little girl was my mentee. I was in charge of teaching her basic lessons that a normal mentor would do. How to act, how to eat healthy, how to do well in school, and even down to which boys were not worth the struggle of crying over. Had she been home, she could have been seriously injured and did not have life insurance so her parents would have been devastated on both financially and heartbroken wise. If they didn’t have insurance they would have had to move halfway across the country, seventeen hours away with her grandparents so she wasn’t homeless. Now she lives right down the road from her old house and her family is fully recovered after two years. She is going to college this coming week and has a bright future ahead of her. She continues to come to me with life questions and couldn’t be any closer to reaching her goals!

Insurance is something that everyone should have access to and although I don’t agree with all aspects of Obamacare, I believe that it is a step in the right direction for health insurance. I encourage everyone to get all kinds of insurance because one may never know the future and the unexpected things that may occur in life. One thing could change your entire life and insurance helps the burden be lessened significantly no matter what the cause is.

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