Did you know tiny houses can be insured? My wife and I live in a 4,065 square foot home with attached three-car garage. When our five children were young, having a large home made sense. Like others of our generation, we saw consumer-wants change. In 1970, according to HUD data, the average family had 3.1... Read More >
“Snug as a bug in a rug” is the feeling most people would say is their goal when it comes to home security. They want to know that they are safe from property crime and property damage. They’re concerned with how home security and home insurance relates. Homeowners and renters should be happy with the... Read More >
You’ve just gotten engaged—congratulations! If you’re like most Americans, you probably proposed with a beautiful gemstone ring. Not everyone prefers a diamond as the center gem, but it’s certainly the most popular choice. According to an article in the New York Times, couples spent over $11 billion on diamond engagement rings and other wedding-related jewelry... Read More >
What is electronic aggression and why are many homeowners’ companies excluding electronic aggression from homeowners coverage? According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) “electronic aggression” is defined as “any kind of aggression perpetrated through technology—any type of harassment or bullying (teasing, telling lies, making fun of someone, making rude or mean comments, spreading... Read More >
In addressing this common question, it is prudent to begin with what the role of a realtor is. What Services Will A Good Realtor Provide? A good realtor will:         Help you find neighborhoods that meet the desired characteristics you outline;         Answer questions you may have about communities and neighborhoods;         Help you find homes that meet... Read More >
There are certain types of insurance that you need to purchase because it is required by law, like health insurance, car insurance, worker’s compensation insurance (if you have a business with employees), and malpractice insurance (if you are a medical professional). Many other insurance policies are optional. So, if other types of insurance are not... Read More >