Chances are you have landed on this page of Enhanced Insurance looking to find answers to the question “How much does business insurance cost?”. Judging the value of an insurance policy is best left in the hands of a risk manager. If your business isn’t large enough to have a professional risk manager on staff, the... Read More >
You’ve just started a new business, but which one should you choose: general liability or professional liability insurance? Maybe you’ve made a hefty investment in general liability insurance, which was included in your “package policy”. Your agent has advised that you also purchase Professional Liability Insurance (sometimes referred to as errors and omissions insurance) and you’re... Read More >
We all have a business. For most of us it’s monkey business and we don’t need business insurance. If we don’t own a business, a business might own us. We have all either wanted to own a business, have owned a business, or currently own a business. Owning a business is like exercising. No pain... Read More >